Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday, July 17th 2008

Yesterday i got up and had breakfast and read the computer. i took a shower and shaved my legs. oooh how i love the smooth feeling. i can't stand having hair on my legs, around my clitty or under my under arms. i must keep my belly free of hair too especially with my belly button piercing. i put on a pink cami, girls denim shorts, my black strappy shoes, face powder, eyeliner and mascara. i used some wrinkle cream around my eyes too.

i continued going through the boxes in the garage to make room for Mistress's craft room.

i went to the bank and then the drive through at Wendy's. i stopped at QT too for a drink.

i stopped at Big Lots and bought some cleaners. i came home and found Domina sleeping. i planned a surprise for Her and started detailing Her car. i scrubbed all the vinyl and vaccuumed and then started cleaning the upholstry and carpeting. She came out and was really happy. i asked Her if She could take my car since Hers would still be wet in the morning and i still had more to do. She said yes.i was really a mess since i had been sweating a lot. my bra was soaked too so i hand washed it and dried it.

For dinner leopet brought home Popeyes chicken. After showering i put on a nice satin nightie and red lace panties. W/we wached an intriguing Stargate Atlantis and then Mistress and i watched a bunch of a series of "Imaginary bitches on YouTube on Her laptop. i later took my dry bra with breast forms under my nightie. i sooo love wearing that bra. i think it helps me look and feel more feminine. Love seeing the cleavage when i look down.

Mistress found several people between Collarme and She will be interviewing this weekend. A couple are potential sissies and the others are potential male subs. Mistress said the three of U/us (She, leopet and myself) will meet with them at a restraunt and different times. She may have leopet and i at a different table at times. i think it is all so exciting!

Today i will continue on Domina's car. She will want it ready by 1pm when She gets off to go out and about. i hope for a fun weekend! teeehee!

sissy girl

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