Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday 26 Dec 2008

Today Mistress went to work like usual as well as leopet. Later Domina came home and W/we went to Walmart to take advantage of the sales. i picked up a couple computer games. Domina picked up some food as well as some of the gift baskets. W/we then went to Kohls where She got a new silver chain then W/we came home.

Soon, bear came over and Domina took a nap. Later W/we went downstairs and opened a few presents then bear and i prepared the sprialed ham dinner. W/we had it down in the liiving room.

Later W/we watched some tv while Domina and Her boyfriend played on the futon. Later leopet went to bed. i went upstairs and did the dishes. Domina called me downstairs. T/they played a bit and Domina had him suck on my clitty but would not let me cum. She let bear cum and had me clean him up. She reminded me several times that i am a girl and this real man was pleasuring Her.It was all so intoxicating watching T/them play and hearing Her. Domina then had me get on webcam on and show the pink nighty i was wearing adn to show them my hard clitty and to tell them that Domina had me clean Her lover after he came and all. There were about 65 people watching me. What an experience :)

Soon T/they were resting on the futon and then Domina went ot Her bed to sleep leaving bear on the futon. Soon i will join Her. Tomorrow Domina told me to plan for more play. :)


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