Sunday, April 3, 2011

Emasculate, emasculation, etc

I suppose the word means taking away masculinity. Is it really a bad thing? Especially for sissies, can't it be hot?

I believe emasculation can be accomplished in alot of ways:
1. The Wife/Mistress may have Her husband wear panties.
2. Refer to Her submissive husband with only feminine pronouns.
3. She may give Her submissive boyfriend a feminine name.
4. Etc

Of course the boyfriend, submissive, husband, etc should be receptive to it all.

What other emasculating things can you think of?

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Happy pet said...

Hi Jamie,

Oh there are so many ways in which a Mistress/Owner can emasculate a male. However, a few for starters could be:

- keep the male in chastity and trained to receive pleasure only through penetration in 'her' pussy
- wearing make-up and getting a pretty hair style
- trained to be obedient and to perform all domestic chores and routines

Personally, i think the list can be almost endless and so much fun to do, and i say this of course from the viewpoint of just such an ex-male.


sissy slave jamie said...

Hi P :) i so agree! i think each thing can be used to emasculate. To me each can be so delicious!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have been already castrated by my wife (34) and three of her girlfriends (31-46) in no more than half an hour. I did the worse thing in this world to my wife, treating her very tough. Her fiends told me repeatedly to stop, but I was such a fool that the unthinkable happened. As I had a 2cm dick on erection I could not satisfied my wife, but this was not the problem, because she found satisfaction in other places. My toughness was the cause. One evening they came home all four of them and start showing me that I have a small, tiny dick. I was infuriated again and hit my wife and another girlfriend of hers. they are all medical assistants, as my wife is. That seems to have been the final count down. One of the girls pulled my knickers down from behind and when I bent to pull them back she grabbed my small testicles and penis. I couldn't even breath, and fast they tied them with some fishing thread (which I think they had already prepared, pulled hard and with a scalpel, I suppose, which they presumably have it handy, cut my bowls. I did not feel initially anything except I could not breathed. I fainted. They probably used an ointment which when I woke up was there but surprisingly no pain. I think they also used a Novocaine injection. They put my testicles in a jar in a special substance which they took away and exposed in the Faculty of Medicine without any name on it. I was afraid that they would operate my small penis and the threat was real. Ironically that happened in the apartment when she brought a medical pouch and together with tow of her girl friends extirpated my pathetic small dick. I have been forcibly put to sleep and when I woke up I saw that there was no dick. Now I have to go to toilet and sit like women to pee.She start bringing in men without no shame, but I can't do or say nothing because now I am powerless. That happened one year ago and my voice became woman wise, which she and others make fun of me.
this is not my sexual fantasy this is the truth.
I can not sue my wife because she got the house and brings more money in. If I did I have to pay her a huge amount of money.
Was it because my cock-wise behaviour or because my little teeny-weeny, or both?
A desperate guy. waiting for your reply, if possible

Anonymous said...

Does your wife have a sister? I'm envious

Transsexual said...

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Transsexual said...

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Anonymous said...

I too was often nasty to my wife of 9 years. We rarely had sex and I masturbated and watched porn a lot. I also cheated numerous times. Then one night I came home from work and she and a black friend grabbed me, tied me up and castrated me. I am now a very subdued meek sissy who obeys their every command. Serves me right.

Anonymous said...

I do not think it a bad thing. I am so much happier now than I ever was when I thought of myself as a man and in control of our life. I was always wanting to stick my thing in her and pestering her day and night and still I masturbated with her in bed beside me. Now that she has sissified me and taken control I understand and only wish to serve her. I do wish she would find some men to give her what I can not and Yes I do feel a need now to experience bringing relief and gratification to a man


Thank you so much for letting me comment Kisses

witchy said...
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