Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hi, a bit of an update

      Last month i fell at work and broke my elbow. i've been at home since recovering. my orthopedic doctor now has me taking off the splint at home and working on range of motion. i've been maintaining my feminine self the best i can with one hand and Domina has been braiding my hair which really helps keeping it from getting so tangled. It has become a lot silkier though, yaaaay! i've rarely left the house but have rested a lot.                 
     This last weekend Domina's boyfriend bear stayed over a couple nights. i'm sure T/they had fun :). i've been sleeping on the couch since my injury since the doctor wants me sleeping sitting up to keep from further injury. The first part of recovery has been immobilization with the splint.
     i hope to be more active on my blog soon. i apologize for not attending to it more. 



Happy pet said...

Really sorry to hear about your accident Jamie and i wish you a quick and speedy recovery. Best wishes.


sissyslavejamie said...

Thank you Happy pet! xo

Francine Brice said...

I was so sorry to read about your accident and I do wish you a quick and speedy recovery. I had some injuries which left me in the same conditions and I understand you problem.

sissyslavejamie said...

awww thank you Francine! i hope for a speedy recovery for you too!

Anonymous said...

I feel for you(no pun intended)I know what its like and it isn't the best feeling. after 3 years I still sleep on the loveseat at times.