Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy July 4th!

Happy 4th everyone! Sorry its been so long since i've added anything. Today Domina has Her boyfriend bear, leopet and Her sissygirl, me. Its a beautiful day and we are just enjoying the day together! i wish you all a happy and safe July 4th as well! xoxoxoxoxo!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday 25 January 2014

Today was a nice day. i rested for a lot of it since my work week starts on Sundays. i took a nice shower and shaved my legs. i put on eyeliner and mascara and pink lipstick. i wore my tight panties to tuck in my clitty and put on my black lace bra. i wore my girls jeans, girl socks, girls shoes with pink laces and my purple girls blouse. Domina, bear, leopet and i then went to a buffet for dinner. As soon as we got home Domina and bear went to bed for part two Domina said. Now i am watching Xfiles and have my suction cups on my nipples. What a nice day :)


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rainy Autumn Day

Wow this week has really down us the weather! Tuesday I believe did not give us rain but a lot of fog and got warmer through the night.  Today is the kind of Autumn day I remember.  It's been raining all day and the temperature had been falling.
Starting Monday i developed a pretty painful sinus headache sore throat thingy.  I went to work that Monday but Tuesday it got worse.  Domina told me to come home.  I told my partner at work that i felt pretty bad and he said to go home so i did.  I got home and spent the rest of the day on the couch drifting in and out of sleep.  I was so grateful for getting rest.
That night around need time i had a most uncomfortable talk with Domina.  She felt that i really exaggerated my condition and appeared that i was suffering from the "plague" instead of a simple sinus headache or what ever.  I didn't know what to say but She explained that i have always been that way.  I tried to explain myself but it was difficult changing Her mind so i let it go.
Last weekend Domina and beat went and bought a new king size Beautyrest.  It is so comfortable!  Domina's new project is building the foundation for it.  It looks so cool! I am still having a problem with night sweats though when i sleep under the sheets and comforter.  i'll start out. OK but in the middle of the night i will wake up soaked.  i have found it works best for me to sleep ontop of the comforter with just a blanket on me.
bear is coming over tonight and spending the weekend together and doing some bicycling.  i will of course be on the couch.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beautiful day!

Fall is my favorite season of the year! i love the temperature and the feel in the air!

Bear came over today. Domina and he went out for breakfast, went to some garage sales and did some shopping. They came back not feeling too good. It must have been the breakfast. They have recovered.

i've mostly taken it easy today. i was on my computer for awhile and then went up to take a shower. Before the shower i brushed my teeth, Trimmed down my eye browse and plucked them. i took my shower and used the #3 conditioner from my coloring kit. my hair is a medium chestnut now. i shaved my face, under arms, back of hands, tummy, clit, and my legs. i so love feeling smooth!. i wore a very short pair of jeans and a purple v neck shirt. i put on my pink ear studs and wore my hair down most of the day.

Domina's girl friend Laura came over for dinner.

For dinner we had cube steaks with fries. We watched the sci-fi classic Tarantula. Afterwards watched some family videos. Its amazing how we change and how the yard changes!

i cleaned up the kitchen and did dishes  and now am watching an episode of X-files.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Out of town

Well, Domina and bear are out of town for the night. i believe they are staying at a bed and breakfast to be together and enjoy themselves. leo and i are home taking care of Her house. 

Domina brought home a new tuxedo cat to join our household. Her name is Luna and seems like a perfect friend for Karma our other tuxedo cat. 

i'm getting ready to shower and get pretty to go out and about and do some shopping. i haven't been feeling to good lately due to some sinus trouble but feel pretty good today. i'm thinking of wearing my new girls shorts that Domina picked up for me with my pink stripped button down shirt with my black bra with gel breast forms to enhance my breasts :). i'll probably wear my hair in a pony tail. Panties of course and girls sandals. It should be fun!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beautiful days!

i love spring! Domina has the garden looking so pretty. The koi pond is running and it is so nice going out and walking about the garden.

Yesterday i took my shower and shaved everything. i'm thinking about shaving more than once a week that i have been doing. i so love being so smooth and girly feeling! i put on my makeup, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara and tied my long hair into a pony tail with some clips in the back to keep the loose hair in place. i put on a pair of my ruby gold ear rings. i was going to wear my khaki capris but i found that they are really too big for me and doesn't take a belt so i put on a pair of my short shorts jeans. i put on my ladies button down short sleeve pink stripped shirt and then my strappy sandals. i left and went shopping. i picked up some sheer pink nail polish, some of my herbals like fenugreek as well as a few other things from Walmart and hurried home.

bear had come out earlier in the day and Domina and Her boyfriend had been out shopping. They picked up Chinese and brought it home for all of us. It was a nice dinner. 

We watched that zombie movie where the zombie turns back into a human because of the girl. i loved the movie!

Domina and bear went to bed and i got on my computer and watched the first episode of the third season of Damages with Glenn Close. i'm really enjoying that show!

Early this morning Domina and Her boyfriend bear left for a bed and breakfast out of town. i got up much later and surfed the web for sissy and cuckold sites. i plan on showering soon and getting femmed up and going out and about again :)

i love being a sissy cuckold!


Friday, May 31, 2013


i've started working today. my elbow would not fuse but the doctor thought it was doubtful that it would since it hasn't so he believes that with my full mobility of my arm that we will go with that for now. Domina and i are sure happy that i am back at work and so am i!

bear came over today and we are all going to go out to dinner tonight! It should be really nice :)

my wedding ring broke last night. The outer band is made up of Celtic knots and just broke apart. Domina is quite adamant for me to get it fixed. i will tomorrow.

Domina and bear are naked up in Her bed taking a small nap before our dinner tonight. 

i took a shower and shaved everything. i put my hair in a pony tail and put on my makeup, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and pink ear studs. i got dressed and put on my new pink stripped women's shirt then noticed that i had cut my thumb and had blood stains all over my shirt. Up and down the buttons and the side. i was really disappointed. Domina told me to try getting the stain out with cold water and throw it in the wash. i did and then put on this lavender women's shirt. Its new and pretty too :).

See you!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This morning Domina's boyfriend bear came over and loaded up T/their bicycles on Domina's new bike rack and took off for a three day biking trip. T/they have done this before and have always had a great time seeing the trail and staying at the hotels over night. Its great exercise too!

After T/they left, i thought i would color my hair. i had purchased a box of the Garnier oil based chestnut brown color a month or so ago and hadn't applied it since Domina asked me to use a root touchup and that worked well. Since then i had broken my elbow. The doctor wants me to work on range of motion and i have been regaining a lot of range since. i didn't have any problem applying it. i'm waiting for it to set now.

Afterward i plan on showering, wearing my hair down, putting on ear studs, lip color, eyeliner and mascara then go shopping. It'll be the first time out by myself for some time!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hi, a bit of an update

      Last month i fell at work and broke my elbow. i've been at home since recovering. my orthopedic doctor now has me taking off the splint at home and working on range of motion. i've been maintaining my feminine self the best i can with one hand and Domina has been braiding my hair which really helps keeping it from getting so tangled. It has become a lot silkier though, yaaaay! i've rarely left the house but have rested a lot.                 
     This last weekend Domina's boyfriend bear stayed over a couple nights. i'm sure T/they had fun :). i've been sleeping on the couch since my injury since the doctor wants me sleeping sitting up to keep from further injury. The first part of recovery has been immobilization with the splint.
     i hope to be more active on my blog soon. i apologize for not attending to it more.