Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday 25 January 2014

Today was a nice day. i rested for a lot of it since my work week starts on Sundays. i took a nice shower and shaved my legs. i put on eyeliner and mascara and pink lipstick. i wore my tight panties to tuck in my clitty and put on my black lace bra. i wore my girls jeans, girl socks, girls shoes with pink laces and my purple girls blouse. Domina, bear, leopet and i then went to a buffet for dinner. As soon as we got home Domina and bear went to bed for part two Domina said. Now i am watching Xfiles and have my suction cups on my nipples. What a nice day :)



Anonymous said...

hi Jamie. I'm a big fan of your blog and i have to say it's amazing how you embrace your sissiness. and seriously, what's your secret for not having orgasms? over 2 years! wow!

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you! i appreciate your comments. teeeheee! Its just that awful feeling i get after i have a cummie. i'd rather feel feminine and docile.
Thank you again!

Danni W said...

I like your blog. I am serving the woman I adore as her maid/wife. It is quite a journey. Thanks for sharing.

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you Danni for your comments! It is wonderful that you are serving one you adore. It really is a journey. Your most welcome :) Thank you for reading my blog!


dom-sub said...

very nice and obedient slave ! lucky mistress

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you dom-sub!