Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yesterday i was called about a job interview. i have been looking for one for awhile. i asked Mistress this morning when i should get one. She said either today or tomorrow. Then She stated that She wished i could keep my hair the same length but arrange it somehow to be more masculine. i told Her i didn't think gel would work very well with it this length.

While Mistress was home, She had a cooking accident when She was transferring a pot of hot beans to the sink and spilled the hot water on Her foot. ouch! i scrambled to get Her socks off and helped Her to the bathtub to run cold water on it. W/we later bandaged it. She went back to work but had to leave early due to the pain. She came home and went to bed

Later i went to the bank, did some shopping, and then went to the styling school. i was wearing my short apricot colored cami and girls shorts, my sandals, purse, lipstick and eyeliner. i went in and soon had a stylist assigned to me. She asked me what i wanted. i told Her that i was going to an interview Friday and needed a haircut but i needed it to be somehow cut to be feminine and masculine. i told her that both my Wife and i preferred it girly but i have to be a boy for the job.

The stylist went to work and trimmed up my bangs and trimmed all around. i thanked her and paid up front.

i went to lunch and then to the thrift store where i tried on a bunch of Female jean shorts, a couple tank tops and a pretty black and white blouse. i also found a couple cute strappy heels in silver and black.

i brought home the shorts, tank tops, blouse and the shoes. Mistress didn't see any difference in the hair cut. i hope it all works out!. Mistress seemed to be doing better although you could see the water blisters on Her feet. i dribbled some aloe from an aloe plant on it to sooth it.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...


The aloe plant is a very good idea for the burn - it can be quite amazingly effective.

About the haircut (a very nasty word). Of course, gurls have their hair styled - not cut. And what is wrong with a ponytail? With bangs, super hold gel will keep them back - nice and neat. But it has to be super hold.

Is it really a problem for a gurl to get a job? Yes, you don't have a whole lot of masculinity - did you ever? I suggest trying - at least trying - a somehwat androgynous look - much more appropriate for you. Besides, your femming shows in so many other ways than just your hair. I'll bet everyone that meets you thinks you are gurly despite how you are dressed.

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D,

Yes Ma'am, it sure seems to help Her :).

Yes Ma'am, i will remember that. styled. we went to Paris II, a hair styling school that is mostly a beauty salon school. There isn't anything wrong with a ponytail. my hair isn't that long though. i have bangs and that is one thing that was trimmed because they were getting in my eyes. Yes Ma'am about the super hold.

It has been a problem just getting a job at all in the computer support field. It is true i don't have a whole lot of masculinity. i don't think i have had.

Yes Ma'am, i agree. i am a gurl no matter how i try to be a appear to be a man. i did ask the stylist to give me an androgynous style.

sissy slave jamie