Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A little slow... but

Its been a little slow this week. Domina has been working on refurbishing the bar stools for the deck, working in the garden, refurbishing deck chairs and She is almost finished with the kitchen island. She has had me mount a pully on the ceiling of the new playroom, mount a pot and pan holder in the playroom for Her floggers, paddles, crops, etc (so ingenious of Her!) as well as doing the laundry, vacuuming and helping where i can.

Yesterday Domina and i went to Joanns for some material for the bar stools. It was fun hearing Her say to the lady at checkout, "she will pay for this", "she will take this or that" etc. When W/we went to the grocery store W/we picked up some food items and a 30 pack of Coors. i started to lift the beer out of the cart with my left arm. i am always careful there because of my pinched nerve and put it back down. One of the grocery boys said, i'll get it. He came around and lifted it out. The young sacker girl then looked at me in a strange way with a smile and looked at my breasts or lack of (i wasn't wearing my breast forms). Domina and i left the store. She noted that i am pretty androgynous. She wondered if She should have me wear my breast forms and my bra when i am out and about but a bit worried that i would run into someone i knew. hmmm who knows.

W/we got home and settled into the routines. Domina was finishing the bar stools and working on putting final coats on the kitchen island. i went to start dinner. i purchased two tasty dinners, a Thai coconut one and a Greek chicken one with feta cheese. W/we all then watched "Confessions of a Call Girl" On Showtime. i noted that Domina played with leopet's cock as he was under the comforter. i was wearing my pink and green happy bunn short shorts with a pink cami. Domina teased my clitty a bit but didn't play with it.

W/we then watched Hell's Kitchen and saw Jen voted off the show.

It was a nice day :)

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

jamie is becomming a gurl isn't she? More and more feminine and less and less male... I understand why Domina refers to you in feminine pronouns - male ones just don't seem at all right for you now...

You don't seem that concerned about being breasted in public jamie... What would it be like if the people who know you only as your male persona did see you out - breasted, makeup on - carrying your purse? How would that make jamie feel? Think about it jamie...

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D,
Yes Ma'am, i feel more and more feminine and less male. It feels good and right.

hmmm sometimes it almost seems like its not right not wearing my breasts in public if people see me as a girl but i don't know.

blush... Some would expect it and some wouldn't Ma'am