Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday June 1st

i woke up that morning with a bit of a headache since it was pretty warm in the house. W/we were hoping that the AC would be fixed but it wasn't. The repairman thought it might be overcharged so he was to be out at 1:30pm to work on it. i got up and had some breakfast. A little later i went out to the back yard and Domina said T/hey had been talking about where W/we were going to move O/our stuff since W/we don't really have storage space and the garage has a lot of it stored. i started feeling hissy because the stuff i've moved with me has always been an issue and it just hit that spot. i went to the garage and started throwing my stuff out to the yard to sort through. i was feeling that headache and was sweating and all. The repairman showed up and started working. Domina called me out to the garden and said, "i don't want james here, i like jamie. jamie understands". i immediately felt more submissive and yes Domina in my girl voice. Domina told me that W/we were going to arrange all the stuff in a way that it would work out. She told me that i had better keep my lipstick on, She better not see me without it. Then She told me to go to the store and get some more, none of the $9.00 kind though. She wanted a shimmery kind.
i went to Target and picked up a few things and looked at all the lipstick and found one called English Rose by N.Y.C. i called Her and told Her that the shimmery type were sold out but She thought this one would be pretty.
The rest of the day and into the evening i kept my lips colored. i do a lot of times anyway. i wore my breast forms in my bra and cooked a steak/brat dinner. W/we had a wonderful evening watching Dr Who. The ac was working wonderfully now and felt so good.
Domina told me to strip to my bra and panties. It felt so good in the cooler air. Since Domina told me She preferred jamie i felt so much the girl, moved and talked like a girl. i need to stay away from being james. That persona doesn't work too well here. Its best to be jamie, Domina's sissy girl cuckold.
sissy girl


Anonymous said...

Isn't Domina so nice to you when She reminds you that you are a sissy gurl?

And She was particularly kind to allow you to buy new lipstick. The ease with which She can manipulate you only proves exactly what you are - a sissy cucky gurl.

It sounds like you had a very nice day at the festival. Doesn't it make you feel good to be so gurly in public?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

She is wonderful when She reminds me i am a sissy girl! i love it when She reinforces that fact.

i agree Ma'am, She was so kind to allow me to buy new lipstick. i asked to buy a magazine too but She told me that She isn't rewarding james but rewarding jamie for being a good girl. i love it that She can manipulate me so well. She is superior to me and i feel so weak to Her.
oh yes W/we did have a great day there. It does make me feel so good to be so gurly in public. People can see who and what i am, a sissy gurl cucky.
Thank You for Your comments Ma'am
sissy girl

Anonymous said...

you're such a pretty faggy sissy. you give a lot of fags like me inspiration. say you're public pictures and love to see your new pretty strappy heels you bought.

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you sissyfagdaphne,
i appreciate your comments :) i am glad i can be an inspiration. i love my life and living as a sissy enslaved to my Mistress Wife 24/7 is a deep and wonderful experience. i'll take some pictures of them soon. i do love wearing them and love how they look although they do hurt a bit sometimes :)

sissy girl