Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tasks for me today

Domina works so early. She gets up at 3:30 am for work. leopet gets up at 3:15 to cook Her breakfast. Domina comes home for lunch later in the morning. i was out of bed by then at my computer. i met Her at the garage wearing my bra with forms, cami, panties and girls athletic shorts. She told me that She wanted me to accomplish the list She gave me the night before. It involved moving the BDSM playroom stuff from storage to the new playroom and taking pictures of some things W/we wanted to get rid of on Craigslist. She also wanted me to remove some of the old decals from Her car

i was on my computer for awhile and then went up to Domina's bedroom/bathroom and freshened up. i brushed my teeth, shaved, and plucked my eye brows. They are getting to be more feminine now. i put on some eyeliner and mascara and lipstick.

i went down stairs and started removing the decals. i saw that i was going to need some more goo gone so i got in Domina's car and drove over to Big Lots but couldn't find any there. i then went to Lowe's and found some. i got a lot of looks at both places. Usually i get nice smiles from Lady's. Sometimes i get sneers from guys.

i drove home and removed the decals. i then started moving stuff from the storage to the playroom and then from the old bedroom to storage. i then started taking pictures of the things for Craigslist.

Domina came home from work. i showed Her what i had done and She was so pleased. i love pleasing Her. She then put some fresh Betty Page decals on Her car and gave me one. i then put it on my car as well as another Betty Page i had as well as a Bisexual Pride decal W/we had purchased at the Pride Fest.

Later Domina and leopet were working in the garden and around the house. i hung a new hummingbird feeder outside on the deck. Domina said She wanted dinner early so i cooked it. W/we had dinner down on the futon in front of the TV. W/we watched Family Guy then Hells Kitchen. Domina made some more plant tags. She had me sit on the floor off the futon. When She was done She moved over and let me sit on the left of Her. leopet sat on Her right. She started playing with both his cock and my clitty. It felt so good! She told me that when the buzzer buzzed on the oven i was to take out the tags She made and then rub Her feet.

The buzzer sounded and i did what She told me to do. i returned to the futon. Domina continued to play with leopet's cock but left my clitty alone. How i yearned for Her touch but i reminded myself that i am Her sissy slave cucky girl and She does what She wants. It is best.

Earlier in the day Domina had called me from work and W/we talked about things. She said that things had changed since W/we got married and i certainly am not the masculine one but it works for U/us. She definitely prefers me as jamie. i told Her i feel more submissive and softer as a girl.

Domina went to bed. i asked Her and She told me to wear my bra with forms to bed

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

well, I think it's perfect that you are married to Domina. Now you get to be a gurly sissy cucky..

I'll bet your little thingy was aching to be touched wasn't it? And at the same time, there you were - a gurl, bra'd and pantied - and Domina wanted to play with a real cock huh?

When you do your errands jamie, I really think you need to carry a purse - you might need to refresh your lipstick. A gurl should always be ready to refresh her makeup. I know it might be a little embarrassing, at times, but you are a gurl and it would make you feel more gurly - more femme - more like Domina's little sissy!

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D :)

i love being married to Her and being Her gurly sissy cucky.

oh yes Ma'am! So much so. Domina teased it a bit but mostly left Her arm behind Her neck or on the remote control. Yes Ma'am, She did.

Yes Ma'am, i'm not sure Domina wants me to carry a purse yet. W/we'll see. i do carry a lipstick in my pocket for refreshing it. Yes Ma'am, i know. i can't stand my lips uncolored. i think i am addicted to lipstick. It does make me feel more femme :) It is a bit embarrassing but i love it so much!

sissy girl