Friday, June 6, 2008

Stormy night

Yesterday i took one of O/our cats to the vet. She has been having skin problems and she got a steroid shop. i went out and about with lipstick, my pinkish nail polish, girls athletic shorts, cami, sandals and hoop ear rings. i went to a couple thrift stores and a Dollar Store and came home.

Domina, leopet and myself had a crock pot dinner and laid down on the futon and watched a couple episodes of CSI. leopet was getting a bit randy and got naked and was caressing Domina as well as fingering Her a bit. Domina got naked. She had been playing with his cock for quite a while. leopet went to the bathroom and i asked Her how She wanted me. i was wearing a cami with my bra with breast forms, girls athletic shorts and my pink panties. She told me to stay like i was since i was an observer. i said/asked "sissy girl cucky me". She said, "Yes, sissy girl cucky you". i asked Her if She considered me Her cuckold and She said yes. i asked whether She was playing. She said that She was having sex with Her boyfriend and i am Her sissy so yes.

leopet came back and Domina played with him more while watching til a commercial. She felt my clitty and saw it was really hard. She went to potty and came back. The premier Swingtown episode came on and She continued playing with leopet. i thought T/they were going to fuck at some point but he put on his clothes and got his computer and went to bed since he was pretty tired. i talked with Domina. i asked Her if She would involve me somehow if She fucked other men. She said really She didn't have the sex drive She used to with menopause and all but She will fuck leopet. She may want to fuck an occasional male sub She plays with as part of expressing Her Dominance. Domina has always been bothered about talking about cuckolding and the how, She is more spontaneous.

i asked Her about chastity devices. She said She prefered that both leopet and i don't play with ourselfs because She said so. i told Her how hot it would be to see Her taking a key from Her neck to unlock one to play with my clitty. She dismissed it. Who knows if She will ever consider it.

i guess in a lot of ways talking about things like the above may seem like topping from the bottom. i don't think they really are. More like negotiatiating. Its like i talk about things at one point and let them happen.

Mistress made some comments today about me and the lifestyle. One that i might be an experience junkie but underlying submissive. That bothered me a bit because i feel that i am a sissy girl. i love to be girly and love feminine things. boy things do bore me. More and more i feel my submission deepended by my sissy life.

The midwest experienced quite a series of storms last night. Tornados were seen out and about in Kansas and it was heading O/our way. i took all of Domina's flower/plant pots off of tables and things outside and put them on the deck. i took the canopy off of O/our swing too. i could just see the wind smashing it against the house. This morning everything looks fine :)

W/we'll see

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

Whether or not you are put in chastity - you are clearly a sissy gurl. And because you are only allowed to watch as your Mistress/Wife has sex with leopet - you are a cucky.

That makes you a sissy gurl cucky - doesn't it? you belong in panties.

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank You so much Miss D! That really does define me. i am a sissy gurl cucky. i always belong in panties. i do wear them all the time.

sissy girl