Monday, June 30, 2008

The weekend

Last Friday i drove my Mistress's 28 year old son over to his sister's to spend the weekend. This left the weekend for adult play but as it turned out both leopet and i were affected by our allergies. There was work on projects like Mistress started work making Ren Fest costumes. She chose an elegant Queenly dress with a kind of red chiffon. She isn't sure what i will wear. i was thinking of a female pirate or village girl or something.

Saturday W/we went to the big mall. Mistress wanted to get Her eyebrows trimmed by some ladies from India. Their method is so cool where they use pieces of thread and use great precision! Afterwards W/we went to Spencer's Gift where W/we looked at body jewelry. Domina liked the crystal single handcuff navel jewelry and told me to buy it. Its in the picture above. i love it! i think its girly and quite appropriate!

After the mall W/we went to Her daughters to celebrate Her grandaughter's birthday but found it wasn't until Sunday so W/we went home. i grilled some chicken breasts with different sauces like Teryaki for Mistress, Orange ginger for leopet and bbq for me. W/we then watched Dr Who laying on the futon. Mistress must not have felt like playing with anyone so W/we enjoyed the show.

Sunday allergies really hit me big time so i took a long nap a couple hours after i got up. leopet cooked breakfast for U/us all. Domina went to the birthday party Herself.

After getting home, Mistress got ready to play with a farmer boy from out of town. He came quite a ways. When he arrived, i took him up to the playroom. i was wearing my bra with forms, cami and Victoria Secret boyshorts. Mistress told me to put the meatloaf in the oven but hadn't told me the temperature or duration so i went back up and asked Her. She told me 350 degrees for an hour and not to disturb them again.

i put the meatloaf in an hour later for an hour. Mistress and the farmer boy played for an hour and then came down. She then showed him our new house. After he left Mistress said they went back to basics since its been so long since T/they played. She said She told him that i'm a girl now. Mistress was calling me jamie and girl more than normal for the evening.

W/we had a delicious dinner in front of the tv. W/we watched the BBC program Coupling and then Mistress went to bed.

i sure hope the allergies subside!

sissy girl

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