Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shopping Tuesday

Today i woke up kind of cranky. i think the Benadryl does that to me. i got on the computer for awhile and then showered and put on my eyeliner and mascara. i put on a light blue cami and Female shorts. i came down to my office and put on some Cover Girl face powder then my flirty lipstick. i then went out and watered the garden and the flowers in the yard.

i put on my new black strappy sandals, grabbed my purse and then proceeded to the bank. Mistress called and told me to pick up a trash can for the garage and the kitchen as well as some steaks for dinner. i went to Super Walmart and picked up those things as well as some triple bladed Noxema shavers since the four bladed ones i bought last weekend weren't working too well for me. i browsed the store a bit and spent some time looking at the Ladies clothes. It was nice to hear the checkout lady call me ma'am when i was checking out.

On the way home i stopped at QT to get a drink. i was putting the top on my 44 ounce drink when it slipped and the drink fell to the floor and created quite a mess. A girl working there rushed there and cleaned it up. i thanked her for her help. i later told Mistress that i apologized like i thought a girl would. Mistress thought they probably took me as gay.

i came home and put everything away. Later i grilled the steaks and cooked tator tots while W/we lay in front of the TV watching shows. Domina played with leopet's cock and my clitty. She told me to go get the lube and started playing with us again. my clitty got really hard to Her satisfaction. i thanked Her. W/we watched Hells Kitchen and then Mistress went to bed.

Tomorrow is my interview. Its been delayed twice but it looks like its on. i sure hope it works out!.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

Let people think whatever they want to jamie, but we know exactly what you are. I'll bet it would take you by surprise if you were referred to as a sissy gurl by a complete stranger in public... Perhaps that will occur one of these days. But even if they think you are gay, it's not so far from the truth - Mistress decides what your sexual preference is anyway...

Isn't it so nice when your clitty gets teased until you ache but you aren't allowed any relief? I think that particular torment is so very effective for a gurl. Doesn't it always make you want to be even more femmed jamie?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D :)

Yes Miss D, people will think what they want to think. i know people who read this blog know who i am and i do too. Actually a while back i was at a hardware store when a guy noticed my pink nail polish. He said he liked that and he soon revealed he was a sissy too. That sure took me by surprise! Its not hard to wonder though if people see me as gay or a girl. Yes, so true, its Mistress's decision.

Oh yes Miss D! It is wonderful! Always up to Mistress whether She plays with my clitty or not. How She plays with it. How long. Relief or no relief. Oh yes, it always makes me want to be more femmed!!
i love it!

sissy girl