Thursday, July 3, 2008


Yesterday my interview was scheduled for 1:30pm. i got up like i normally do and had breakfast and checked out my sites on the computer. i removed my pink nail polish from my nails and buffed them all. Mistress called in sick from work with a stomach flu or something. She just wasn't feeling very well. i watered the gardens and the flowers around the house and then took a short nap. i got up to get ready for the interview.

i took my shower and shaved my legs. i used my new triple bladed Noxema razors and they worked so much better for me. i took my ear rings out and made sure all my eye makeup was gone. i used a hair mousse/gell i have and worked on my hair. Using that and the hair dryer i thought my hair looked presentable.

Standing in front of Mistress wearing my light pink thong panties and more feminine pink cami She thought i looked pretty. i put on my dress slacks and grey shirt and put on my tie. Mistress looked at me with a kind of sad look and said She wan't used to seeing me not so feminine.

i took off and stopped for an energy drink, In light of my mission to get a job i got a drink called, "Relaunch" teehee! i got to the interview spot downtown and was first interviewed by a human resources person and then she took me to the manager. The interview went well. i won't hear anything for a week or two because of a couple other interviews.

After the interview i called a guy who was advertising a patio table on Craigslist. i drove over to the address he gave me and ended up giving him $40 dollars for the table with the umbrella - $10 less than he advertised.

i got home and found Mistress in Her bed feeling much better. She had been working in the garden and had pulled poison ivy plants up - carefully. W/we are all so allergic to poisonous plants. i showed Her the table i just bought and She was so happy with it.

i went and got undressed and put on a blue cami cut high enough to show off my new belly button jewelry and put on some Female shorts. i put on my lipstick and i got on the computer for awhile and leopet came home from work. i got my purse and W/we all had a nice dinner at a Chinese Buffet. i love the Mongolian stir fry! i felt especially girly out and about.

W/we came home and Mistress and i watched Adventures of a Callgirl and Swingtown and then Mistress went to bed.

i was up a few more hours on the computer, surfing sites and stuff.

What a day!

sissy girl

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