Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a weekend so far!

On July 4th,

Mistress had to go into work Her usual time. She did like the fact that it was paying double time and they were getting a bbq for lunch.

Mistress called me around 10am to tell us to be ready at 1pm to leave for the movies. leopet and i went to Target for some shopping. i got some pretty pink nail polish called 'Made You Blush" by Sally Hansen Salon', some bug spray and a few other things. On the way home we stopped at McDonalds for lunch and brought some home for Mistress's older son.

At 1pm Mistress was in the drive way. She yelled out to have me get my prezzie out of the trunk. i went out and saw it was a wet/dry shop vaccuum - something i'd been asking for for awhile since O/our last one went kaput. i thanked Mistress and we got it in the garage and got in Her car.

W/we drove to the theatre and saw "Hancock". W/we really loved the movie and i noted applause at the end. Since i'd seen a preview months ago i had wanted to see it. Lately though, there were mixed reviews but W/we still wanted to see it. It was quite fun though!

W/we then got home. Mistress checked the gardens and then took a nap. i got on the computer and painted my nails. It worked so much better buffing and smoothing my nails with one of those buffing blocks. i used one called California Nails.

Later in the evening W/we got in Mistress's car and headed out to a local town on the river front and watched a spectacular fireworks display.

On July 5th,

i woke up and did my usual thing on the computer. i started feeling listless and wasn't feeling too good. i heard Mistress yell down for coffee. i got some coffee for Her and took it too Her on my knees. i told Her that i wasn't feeling to good and that i was feeling listless and all. i laid down for a nap. Mistress got up after having Her coffee.

After my nap i was feeling a bit better. i took a shower and shaved my legs. i took a tip from one of the crossdressing sites i've been to and used hair conditioners as a shaving cream on my legs. Its been working wonderful for me. Also for bumps i've been using a combination of St Ive's oatmeal and shea butter bodywash with some antibacterial soap such as Dial or Softsoap and its worked so much better for me.

i came downstairs and found that leopet had cleaned up the kitchen. That was so nice of him! i went and unpacked the new wet dry vaccuum and tried it out... Awesome teehee! i went out in the yard and saw that Mistress was working on the patio table i picked up off Craigslist. She told me to go and get some gray primer for it. i left and went to a local store in my pink cami and girls jean shorts and purse. i had my lipstick on as well as eyeliner and mascara. Lately i have been feeling more like a girl going out and about. i have felt less about the fact that i'm a sissy going all en femme but of course i sometimes feel the stares.

i picked up pipe tobacco, energy drink and some other things but could not find the gray primer. i left and headed to Kmart where i found the gray primer as well as a container for archiving bills. i then went to McDonalds and got a Happy Meal for Domina and a salad for myself. i got home and found that they got the order wrong. Domina told me to take it back. i did and got it right. W/we then had lunch.

A little later, Domina's daughter came and picked up Her older son for the rest of the weekend. She went up stairs for a shower. i went up and freshened up my makeup and put on a cute pink skirt i had. Mistress told me not to wear panties. She said She liked that i was a naughty girl...

i was feeling so girly. i love it! i grilled some brats and brought wine to Mistress. W/we settled in front of the tv and watched some episodes of Queer as Folk and had a great time as Mistress used paddles and strops and other things on leopet's ass. Mistress was playing with his cock for quite awhile. She reached under my skirt and played with my clitty once in awhile. It felt so good and got hard sometimes.

Soon Mistress and leopet went out to the deck and W/we all sat on the chairs that Domina had refurbished. Soon Mistress sat back on leopet while he was carressing Her breasts and Her pussy while i sat and watched while smoking my pipe. my clitty was getting so hard watching. Mistress told me to get Her favorite vibrator and She was using this on Her pussy as T/they were rocking back and forth on the chair for quite awhile. What a site. T/they then decided to take it inside. i came in and sat on the floor watching. Mistress and leopet then really started making out. Mistress then told me to get behind Her as She was on top of leopet kissing him. i did and as i watched T/them kissing i came after probably 10-20 seconds which surely didn't please Domina. She told me to get off as T/they continued making out. What a site it was! Soon Mistress was on top fucking leopet. i could only watch. It was truly a hot scene!

W/we had been watching an old episode of Star Trek and it became so late for U/us so W/we all went to bed.


sissy girl


Anonymous said...

jamie... I'll bet you didn't even last 10 seconds - did you? In fact, I'm surprised you didn't squirt all over yourself just from watching. Clearly, jamie is not capable of providing her Mistress pleasure in that way... That's a man's job jamie - something that you are not...

you really do have to get used to being seen as a sissy gurl in public - it does seem that is what your future holds for you anyway. Day by day you slip furher into your femming and now, you can't even last 10 seconds. No wonder Mistress keeps you femmed - you certainly are a sissy cucky...

Mistress had her pleasure with leopet and all jamie could do was sit and watch... poor jamie was all soft... all femmed and all soft...

Get used to pink gurly clothes - you'll be wearing them a lot jamie...

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D :)

blush.. Probably not Ma'am. It was so hard to looking down and seeing Mistress making out with leopet. It was so exciting and hot to me seeing T/them. It lasted so long afterwards too. Seeing T/their naked bodies so entwined and i sat off the futon watching T/them be so intimate.
Yes Ma'am, it is true. i just came so quickly although i tried to hold off.
Yes Ma'am, i agree. That is a man's job. As Mistress just left for the hardware store She said called for Her boy and She looked back and said "Her pet and Her boy, neither of which you are".

Yes Ma'am. It is something that is more exciting to me and more alive than going out trying to represent myself as a man. To me that is boring, being a girl in public is more fun to me.

Yes Ma'am, It is so good that She had such pleasure. It was a pleasure to watch T/them.

Yes Ma'am, i have been wearing pink more and more. i love my nails and lips too. Mistress tells me that pink suits me too.

Thank You for Your comments Ma'am :)


sissy girl