Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday errand day

Yesterday i got up when Mistress came home. She had several things for me to get done; Take Shenaya Her cat to the vet, pay the insurance bill, pay the Time Warner bill, and go to the grocery store. i took my shower, put on my eyeliner and mascara as well as lipstick. i put on my short dark blue cami and girls shorts and my girls sandals and left the house.

my first stop was at the vet. They weren't taking appointments due to the holidays but only first come first serve. Shenaya, Mistress's cat has had a history of skin allergies that has been temporarily remedied with shots. i got there and checked in. i noticed a guy was there with an old dog. He was looking sad and i thought maybe he was there to put him to sleep. i took Shenaya in and the doctor gave her the shots and also put her on presignone or something like that to see if it might work better. i came out and saw the young guy come out with a box and realized his dog had been put to sleep. That was really sad and i empathized as i remembered having to have my Westie mix of 14 years put to sleep some years ago. i thought about that as i left.

The next stop was at the bank where i deposited a check. Then to Time Warner to pay the bill. All this time i was feeling girly and i felt great!

i then went to pay the insurance and found they had closed early. Across the street was Priscillas, one of several adult novelty stores in the area. i went there and browsed the store. i called Mistress on the cell and asked Her if She wanted me to get some lube since She mentioned it a couple nights before. She said to get that and pick up some Italian bread for dinner at the grocery store. She also said that She had been giving some things thought and She thought that W/we might liven up the lifestyle by opening up to local people to play with. W/we had been waiting on things in O/our local BDSM group but thought it might kind of jump start things to look for people to play with in O/our area. i think the episode W/we watched on Swingtown helped Her see that.

i left and went to the grocery store where i picked up some wine for Mistress, some Lemon Drop and Long Island Ice Tea for the weekend. i had a double espresso and picked up some other things.

i got home and put everything away. Mistress was already home and taking a nap. i was on the computer a short while then took a short nap too. i had created a second account on Collarme as a couple's account. Mistress said that She will go in and work on it.

Mistress got up and started dinner. She cooked a nice spaghetti meal.

W/we settled in front of the TV and watched an episode of Angel. Mistress loves that series and had been missing the 4th season which i picked up for Her the other day. Earlier in the day i had buffed all my nails and was putting flirty pink nail polish on. The polish got too thick to work with and once i got to my finger nails it just wasn't working very well. Mistress said i could get some more the next day at Target.

leopet was feeling pretty randy and got under the comforter. Mistress started playing with his cock for quite awhile. Mistress then told me to put on a DVD of Queer as Folk's first season. i did and She told me to get the lube. i came back and got under the comforter too. She then played with both leopet's cock and my clitty. It felt so good! It got hard for awhile and then not so hard so She stopped playing with it. i was appreciative that She did play with me. W/we watched the episode and then it was time for Mistress to go to bed. i followed Her up to Her bedroom and straigthened up Her bed and kissed Her good night.

i went back to the computer and surfed and read email.

Earlier in the evening Mistress told me that She scouted out parts for a new massage table/cage She is planning on making. leopet got involved by finding some great plans on the net. It looks like a great undertaking but Mistress is getting quite enthused about it. So far the plan is having a 30" by 6 1/2' cage with bars with the bed above with removable pads. i've always been excited about being put in a cage. Mistress has done that at some BDSM events but W/we haven't had one. Maybe soon W/we will! She thinks it would be exciting to put someone in the cage while playing with someone on the bed. woohoo!

What a day!

sissy girl

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