Friday, July 25, 2008

Yaaay Friday! July 25 2008

Yesterday morning i did my usual things in the morning. i had a breakfast bar and coffee. Read the internet. i hadn't shaved my legs since Wednesday and my legs felt far too stubbly so i shaved them. i so love the smooth feeling. i put on the eyeliner and mascara and some wrinkle cream. i have been experimenting with my hair with the round brush and blow dryer. The result has been a more feminine look with my hair kind of curly and up. Mistress loves it :)

i put on my Covergirl face powder and lipstick and watered the potted plants. i did lots of laundry. So funny how you can accumilate a lot of clothes in drawers and forget what you have. i found lots of camis, Victoria Secret ones and others. i hung them all up in my closet.

After Domina came home W/we worked a bit on the house. i went up to the playroom and used the upholstry attachment on the carpet shampooer and cleaned Her red throne.

Mistress wanted weanies and beanies for dinner so i took my purse (now with a red bling iron on heart) and went to the store and got dinner. It was nice getting a compliment from the girl at the cash register on my necklace :).

i got home and took a nap. leopet called and said he was going to be late getting home from work. Mistress took the weanies and beanies and cooked them. W/we also continued on cleaning up the living room. Now there is much more room down there. yaaay!

W/we had dinner in front of the tv. Mistress's antivirus had run out on its subscription. Mine did too the day before and i downloaded the bitdefender evaluation to try it. i was doing the same with Mistress's laptop but it just wouldn't connect to do it. i tried to connect with my computer and it wouldn't. i thought i would try the next day (today).

leopet was naked next to Mistress and She was playing with his man cock. he was caressing Her. i was there in my pink nighty trying to get antivirus on Her computer. Finally She said to leave it alone and W/we watched Stargate Atlantis. Mistress told me to rub Her feet since they were hurting from so much standing up at work so i got the foot cream and started rubbing Her feet. It was really hot doing that while The two of them were there caressing each O/other.

After the show was over leopet went to bed and Mistress and i watched Confessions of a Call Girl. She snuggled up next to me while W/we watched. She didn't play with my clit and i didn't say/ask anything. She would play with Her toy if She wanted to.

Mistress went to bed and i tucked Her in. She usually loves to read Her Slash fiction when She goes to bed. Last night had limited connectivity so at least She was able to read that.

i got back on my computer and found that connectivity was really bad. i tried all the usual trouble shooting procedures like shutting everything down (cable modem, router, pc) etc but no good. i finally called tech support. They had me do what i just did and now things seemed to start working but after hanging up it stopped again. i called back and talked with another guy who thought the cable modem was going out and suggested swapping it out. When i told him that i got intermittent connections like i could get to a web site one minute and then not the next he thought it was a software problem. i tried to explain that the same was happening on two different computers but he thought it was a hardware/software problem. argggh. At 1:17am i went to bed!

This morning thankfully all is working! i installed the antivirus on Domina's computer and all is well!


sissy girl


Anonymous said...

I think jamie is getting much more femmed as each day passes. I can see the changes in her. She's beginning to think of herself as a gurl - a sissy cucky gurly thing...

The scales have tipped for jamie - there is no going back now. I wonder what she will be like a year from now.. or two... Will she have breast implants? Will she be working full time as a gurl? Will she still be a sissy ccuky?

I think the answer is yes to all of these questions... but we'll have to wait and see...

Good gurl for blogging so nicely jamie!

Miss D

Anonymous said...

hi jamie,
love to see some pics now that your getting better at fixin your hair. lets see how much of a girlie you are with your hair done like that.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D,
Thank You for Your comments!
Thank You Ma'am!
sissy girl

sissy slave jamie said...

teehee hi sissyfagdaphne,
we'll see.
Thank you for the comments

sissy girl