Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday, July 28th 2008

my my, this month, this summer, is flying by!

Today Domina woke up to my alarm clock at 3:30am. She got up and got dressed and went down to the kitchen where leopet was fixing Her breakfast. he likes serving Her like that. i tried to go back to sleep but just couldn't. At about 4:15am i got up and took a shower and shaved my legs. i bought some new four bladed Ladies Shick throw away razors and used Ladies Silk cream and they really worked well for me. i dried off and used the round brush and the blow drier and brushed my hair in a feminine style. i used Secret Tropical Essence deodarant.

i started doing housework. i took a box Domina wanted out of Her bedroom down to the storage room. i changed the kitty litter and vaccummed the laundry room. i cleaned off the washer and drier. i did the dishes. Domina came home feeling great. She went to Her bed and read Her email. She is really happy with the arrangement of Her bedroom now. i continued the housework by scrubbing the shower.

Domina kissed me and left for work for the second half. i got on the computer for awhile and then laid down on the futon in the living room because i didn't want to mess up Her bed since i made it for Her. i had a nice nap and woke up at about 1pm. Domina came home from work for the day and told me W/we were going to meet a potential sub for a drink. i asked Her what She wanted me to wear and She told me what i had on was pretty. This sub She said liked tgirls. W/we got in Her car and headed to the Outback Steakhouse. She looked at me and told me i should take my boobies off. She didn't think it would be a good idea to meet someone for the first time. Domina also told me earlier that She didn't want me to go out and about wearing my breasts remembering the incident the other day where a boy yelled out at me. She said She only wanted me to wear them if with Her and She would stand up for me.

W/we got to the meeting place and met the guy. W/we had a very nice talk and Domina always referred to me as 'her' 'she' etc. Domina is so wonderful! The guy is going to come over Wednesday afternoon to see the place, the playroom and a first light session.

W/we stopped at the store for some dinner. W/we checked out the DVD "Walk Hard" to watch. W/we also stopped at the combination Long John Silver's/Taco Bell to get me a taco salad and dinner for leopet.

W/we got home and W/we all got in front of the tv and watched the movie. leopet got naked and Domina stroked and played with his man cock for the duration of the movie. Sometimes She looked at it in wonder. Domina didn't touch my clitty. i was still dressed in my cami and girls shorts. my clit was really wanting Her touch but remembering that one of Her rules now is that it is none of my business whether She plays with my clit or not and that jealousy will not be tolerated in any way i kept my focus on the movie and caressed Her breast.

The movie ended. W/we enjoyed it. W/we watched one of the extras and then Domina and leopet went to bed - not in the same room.

i'm on my computer of course :)

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

Very nice jamie... I think it is so nice of Mistress Phoenix to protect you. And it really demonstrates what a true sissy you are. jamie needs to be protected.

You mentioned that Mistress does not allow you to be jealous. Of course, She is very correct about that. After all, you are a sissified cucky gurl. There are two emotions at work here jamie - envy and jealousy. Perhaps you could explain the difference to your readers and maybe learn something about yourself at the same time.

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

Thank You Ma'am :) It is so nice that Mistress protects me. She is so much stronger and better than i am. i love being Her sissy slave cucky gurl. i do need to be taken care of and protected.

Yes Ma'am, i did. It is one of Mistress's strongest rules. Yes i am Her sissified cucky gurl. i think that is an intriguing idea. i will research that and make a post of what i find.
Thank You Ma'am
sissy girl