Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday, July 7 2008

Hi all, not too much has been happening for the last couple days. Yesterday W/we concentrated on straightening up the garage. With all the moving between rooms to create the playroom Mistress is without a craft room. W/we threw away a lot of things to the curb and collected some things to turn into the thrift store. W/we moved a lot of the remaining boxes to the front of the garage. i will be going through those boxes to see what i can get rid of. The rest of that side of the garage W/we will be moving Her workbench there and will be mounting some peg boards. Domina has such wonderful skills with different crafts such as leathercraft, pottery, stained glass, costume work etc. It will be wonderful to have that area for Her. It will also serve as a work area for house maintenance.
Today i received a call from Mistress telling me i will be going shopping. She gave me a list of things to get at Super Walmart. i was wearing a pink Old Navy tank top, girl's button up jean shorts, my black strappy sandals, my purse, eyeliner, Cover Girl face powder and lipstick. It was so nice getting out of the house and shopping. It was fun going up and down all the aisles there. i also went to Sams and got some chicken breasts, wine for Domina and some frozen Tilipia.
i came home and read my email. i took a short nap then Mistress was up. i brought Her a glass of water and then grilled the chicken breasts and cooked some rice and steamed veggies. i dressed down a bit. i took off my jean shorts and panties and put on a pair of black lycra shorts i didn't know i had. W/we had a nice time watching Stargate Atlantis in front of the tv. Mistress played with my clitty a bit through the lycra shorts. It felt so good!. After the show was over Mistress went back to bed.
sissy girl


Anonymous said...


I'm just a little curious... when you go out shopping, do you refresh your perfume? And what earrings do you wear? And sunglasses - are they pink? And what about a nice pink ankle bracelet?

You are very good about telling how sissy you must look when you run your errands - you certainly must look quite gurly.

I've always liked the glimpse of pink bra straps with a t-top - don't you? Only a gurl would be bra'd - no man would ever wear a bra jamie..

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D :)

Alot of what i wear is what Mistress lets me. i have a couple different perfumes i still have one called Charly and the other White Diamonds. Mistress gave them to me. i have been wearing a pair of dangly crystal ear rings i got at Walmart or a pair of red crystal ones that Mistress made for me.
i haven't been wearing sunglasses Ma'am.
teehee the ankle bracelet i wear is one that Mistress gave me. Its a silver one.
Thank You Ma'am, i think i look pretty gurly when i go out. i ask Mistress usually when i get dressed or when i see Her.
i think pink bra straps would be so pretty! Right now Mistress allows me to wear my bra with pockets for breast forms only at home.
Yes Ma'am, i understand blush... i'm certainly not a man Ma'am. i do miss my breasts when im out and about but Mistress only wants me to wear it at home now.
sissy girl

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D,
i'm sorry but i misunderstood Your question about refreshing my perfume. Actually i have been putting it on at home and haven't thought of refreshing it when i've been out.

sissy girl