Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday, July 23rd 2008

Yesterday i got up and did my usual breakfast and coffee. i showered and shaved my legs. It was only a day since i last shaved them but they did feel a bit stubbly. i plucked my eyebrows. i think they are getting that arched look. Mistress commented the other day that they are looking good. At one time they were all so think and growing every which way. Now they are much thinner and more feminine. i put on some wrinkle cream, eye liner and mascara. i put on a pretty girls sleeveless shirt and girls denim shorts and my black strappy shoes. Of course i put on my breasts.

i watered the potted plants. Mistress said it was supposed to rain so i wouldn't have to worry about the gardens.

Mistress came home and told me to go out and mail a couple of bills and get pizza for dinner. i asked Her about wearing my bra with forms out. She said yes.

i left the house and went to Joanns to get a new set of breast forms since the other ones got messed up when i tried piercing them. i picked up a set but they were different and clear. i dropped off the bills at the Post Office and then went to the store and got the pizzas.

i got home and tried to take a nap. i got up when leopet got home. Mistress said She was hungry so i popped the pizzas in the oven. She likes chopped veggies on them so i did that. i went up stairs and put on one of my pink nighties and came down. W/we had pizza in front of the tv. leopet was naked and. After the pizza Mistress started playing with leopet's cock. Mistress told me to get Her a bowl of ice cream. i got one for me too. leopet was playing with Mistress under the comforter and i could tell he was really horny. After watching the show Mistress said She was going out to the garden to spray for bugs. leopet was still horny and Mistress kept playing with his cock. She then got on him and asked him what he wanted. i couldn't hear but She started making out with him and was soon naked. She then started riding his boy cock. It was so hot laying there. Mistress then told me to take my panties off. She could see my clit was so hard! She then told me to take the lube and to stroke my clit which i did. She asked me if i was turned on watching Her and leopet play. i said yes Domina. She told me i could not cum so i backed off and didn't stroke so hard. Finally after awhile Mistress got off leopet and got dressed and went out to the garden with leopet.

Later Mistress came back in and W/we went up to the playroom. Mistress showed me the different things She wanted me to accomplish today like mounting a pegboard. Painting over wax drippings on the wall, etc. i asked Her if it was ok that i was turned on while watching Her and leopet play. She said "Oh yes. I like that my girl gets turned on watching me play with and fuck a real man. I like to that She strokes her clitty and is excited watching." She then said something about me stroking my clit for other men and people. i thought that was really hot!

Mistress went to bed and i went to the computer.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Thank you for sharing xxx

sissy slave jamie said...

awww thank You so much for Your comments Mistress Carina! Your welcome :)
sissy girl