Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday! July 14th, 2008

Yesterday i had my usual coffee and cereal. i got a call from Mistress telling me to put some clothes on and take the jeep over to Home Depot. She wanted me to meet Her there and pick up some mulch for the garden. i went upstairs and put on the same cami and jean shorts i had on the day before. i then shaved my face - How can a girl go out in public with hair on her face? lol. Next i took O/our westie and proceeded to Home Depot. i got there and Mistress met me with some clearance mulch. i took it and came home. i unloaded it and then watered the gardens and the other plants.

Since W/we did the switcheroo with the craftroom and bedroom to make the playroom there was still a lot of Mistress's craft things in storage. She told me during Her morning break to move them so i cleared most of the storage room to the garage where Mistress's craft room and workbench will be. There was lots of stuff! teehee

W/we had been having problems with O/our cable tv service for a couple weeks. When Mistress tried recording on the DVR it would say it was recording but no shows were being showed as available to watch. W/we had called the service a few times and was told that the problem was the model of box that W/we had. Since last Friday however W/we had no cable tv service. i called the service again and they told me to bring the box in for exchange. i told Mistress this and She told me to go to Target and pick up a few things as well as Sams Club. i took the cable box and went straight to the service and exchanged it. i then went to Target and picked up the items Mistress wanted as well as a new NYC lipstick called 'Red Flame'. i think its fun experimenting with the different shades on my lips. Mistress later said She liked it on me. i also picked up some more Noxema Female razors for me. i then went to Sam's Club and picked up Mistress's favorate pretzels as well as some Biscotti for leopet.

i came home and installed the cable tv box. It didn't work! i called the service and told them what we had done thus far. He scheduled a technician to come over today. i then changed the lightbulbs in the bathroom and kitchen.

Mistress woke up from Her nap and came down. i explained about the cable tv box. She wasn't happy but glad that a technician was scheduled to come out.

leopet came home. i told him about the box. he started doing some work around the house. Mistress was in the garden. She told me to cook tilipia and rice for dinner.

While i was cooking dinner Mistress was playing with leopet upstairs. i saw that She was using some bondage tape at least. Awhile later T/they were in the shower together. i thought that was pretty hot to watch.

Awhile later Mistress came down wearing Her satiny night shirt and Her laptop. Dinner was soon ready. i had asked Her what She wanted me to wear. She told me my cami top with my bra/forms and my panties. She likes me in that at home. leopet came down naked. W/we had dinner watching Stargate Atlantis on Her laptop. All the while She was playing with leopet's cock and my clitty. i stayed pretty hard for a pretty long time but She stopped with me and continued with leopet. She played with me for a while longer again. How i love Her touch!

She had mentioned that W/we were going to watch some more Queer as Folk but after two episodes of Stargate Atlantis She put Her laptop down and told me to just lay there and look pretty and watch. She then rolled over to leopet and told him not to just lay there and be pretty and T/they started making out. i layed there excited. my clitty surely got hard then. T/they kissed and kissed and groped. Then Mistress got on top and rode him. What a look in Her face! After awhile She got a dildo that had an end for Her too but the batteries were dead. She told me to take this to the adult book store today and tell the sales lady "my Mistress told me to get batteries for this so She can fuck Her boyfriend pet". i said yes Mistress.

She then used it on both of T/them. After awhile She told me to get Her strap on with the big dick. i did. leopet is so good taking that. he soon came. Mistress then told me to get my clitty hard. She wouldn't fuck me with that soft thing. She told me to stroke myself. It has been months since i've been allowed to do that. i did. After a few strokes i got so hard and felt like cumming then. She then said i probably wouldn't last 10 strokes. leopet said 5. i got on and lasted 15 until i begged Mistress to let me cum. She said yes and i exploded!

i thanked Mistress for allowing me to cum. She told me She was going to bed. i tucked Her in and did my usual night time computer thing.

What an evening!

sissy girl

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