Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday, Things are starting up

Just now Mistress left to meet with a potential submissive male. This afternoon Mistress leopet and i are meeting another at Borders. Later on in the afternoon i invited my sissy friend i met a couple months ago over for bbq. These are interviews to see if how they will work out as friends/play partners, etc. i wanted to go with Mistress this morning for this breakfast date but She wanted to go alone. Thats a first for me. Its exciting and a bit scary for me but as Her sissy cuckold it lets me know She is the one in charge and the one who makes the decisions. One guy had emailed Mistress about cuckolding as it was his interest as a sub. She emailed him back telling him that i was Her sissy husband that She was cuckolding. That was the first time i have seen Her admit it like that. A couple years ago i brought up the subject of cuckolding and She was so against it mostly because of some negative things about it that She thought of. How things change. i love Her so much and She loves me too.

A couple days ago W/we went shopping at a thrift store. W/we found a couple of wonderful heels for me. One strappy black one with 5 inch heels and the other a periwinkle with about 3 inch. i love them! Mistress also found a couple skirts for me, a jean skirt and a beige one. They are both cute :)

Mistress was so happy with Her car. i detailed the inside and shampooed the upholstry and carpets and cleaned and put armor all on all the vinyl. It really seems new. Yesterday i cleaned the house by vaccuuming the carpets and spot cleaned it with the shampooer as well as washing the rugs.

Last night i cooked dinner for U/us all. W/we had pot pies down in front of the tv. Mistress said She loved having Her naked boy on one side and Her girl in silk on the other side. Mistress played with his cock while W/we lay there watching Stargate Atlantis and left my clitty alone. Surely my clitty begged for attention but knowing that Mistress does what She wishes is how it should be. It is definitely erotic to me.

This should be an exciting weekend :)

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

Two new skirts and new heels for jamie! Mistress is so good to jamie. It seems jamie is slowly getting a complete wardrobe - a gurl's wardrobe.

Imagine for a moment that each time Mistress purchased you a new item to wear, you were forced to select an old male item that must be gotten rid of. For instance, two new skirts means you lose two pair of male pants. Two new heels means you lose two pair of male shoes. Quite quickly, your options of what to wear each day would become a bit interesting - wouldn't it? Quite quickly, I think you would find yourself running errands in a skirt like a proper gurl.

Mistress called you a sissy cucky because that is exactly what you are jamie. You are a cucky and even more - your gender is being altered. While you sit in frills, Mistress plays with a cock - right in front of you. As we both know, even if She decided to touch your little clitty, it wouldn't last very long at all - would it? Besides, the excitement you feel when you are allowed to watch is your sex play - isn't it? It's only been five days since your last cum jamie... don't count on another one any time soon. Maybe Mistress will have a selection of cocks to play with quite soon - jamie's purpose will be cemented then - femmed and watching or listening - her clitty throbbing - her sexual torment used to alter her, bit by bit...

Will jamie tell us the first time she is sent to the store in a skirt? I sense that the occasion is imminent...

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

i love the new clothes and my new shoes. i wore my new jean skirt and both my new pairs of heels tonight as W/we had dinner and talked with my sissy friend here. It was so much fun!!

Yes Ma'am, i have been wearing my girl clothes exclusively for a couple weeks now since i've been Domina's housewife for awhile now. Domina told me a couple days ago that i should move my male dress clothes to the storage room to make room in my closet. Everything is so packed there now. i will soon. W/we'll see Ma'am about wearing skirts out and about!

Yes Ma'am. i am a sissy cucky. That is becoming more and more clear. i feel less and less the male gender and more of a sissy girl. It feels more like who i really am.

Yes Ma'am, i probably wouldn't last long. Mistress likes playing with my clitty and She knows how to so i won't cum. Watching Her play with leopet's cock is certainly my sex play. i find myself hoping She will play with it and wonder if She is or not since its usually under the covers.

Yes Ma'am, i won't count on it

Yes Ma'am. i think it is exciting to have others playing here too though.

Yes Ma'am i probably will :)

sissy girl