Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shopping and cable Tuesday, July 15 2008

Yesterday i got up and showered. i usually get coffee and breakfast first but the Road Runner tech was coming over to fix O/our cable tv problem. i thought about shaving my legs but opted on waiting until today. It seems to work better for me to shave every other day but i sure hate feeling stubble. i love feeling smooth.

Mistress came home for Her break and i got a call from the cable guy to confirm his visit. Mistress thought i should take my tits off since they might be too distracting for him. i asked if my lipstick was too red. She said no, its fine.

As Mistress was leaving the cable guy arrived. i explained the problem to him and he started looking at things. He asked if we had an amplifier for the signal. i told him that when it was all installed we had two more jacks put in and the tech put in an amplifier. We went to one of the rooms and saw the amplifier with the AC unplugged! That was it! i plugged it back in and all is working now!

Mistress had two errands for me to run. She told me the night before during O/our play i explained in yesterday's post to take Her double vibrator to Priscilla's an adult novelty store and tell the sales girl, "Mistress told me to get batteries for this so She can fuck Her boyfriend with it". i took the vibrator and drove to Priscillas. i went in and the sales girl was on her cell phone. She put it down and asked if i needed help. i told her what Mistress told me to say. She said, "I understand" and got the batteries. i told her i wanted to browse and she held the vibrator and batteries for me. i browsed around and then paid for the batteries and left.

i then went to QT for a drink then to Super Walmart where i picked up dinner and a magazine and came home. i found Domina awake reading Her laptop. She has been corresponding with people W/we have found on Maybe soon W/we'll have more play :)

i went back upstairs to ask Mistress a question. She seemed a little stern. i asked if She wanted me to knock before entering from now on. She said yes unless i knew She was asleep and i really needed to go in Her bedroom.

i cooked a stir fry with egg rolls and crab rangoon. Mistress, leopet and i lay in on the futon in front of the tv and watched an episode of Meanmen or something like that. Mistress was playing with leopet's cock. W/we then watched Confessions of a Callgirl. Mistress then went to bed.

A couple miscellaneous things; While W/we were shopping last weekend. W/we found a cute strapless bra that works very well for me. Its skin color and holds my breast forms wonderfully. Its so nice being able to wear strapless dresses and spaghetti strap camis and such and looks so real like. The only thing is that its tighter around my breasts and presses in on my nipple rings. Its not so bad though. i usually wear my usual bra with pockets for the forms.

Another thing. i told Domina i'd like to get another tat or piercing. As far as a tat i'd like a girly one like across my lower back or something like that. i think it would be nice to have 'sissy girl' under my kitty tat on my tummy too. Mistress said She was thinking of a guiche under or over my clitty. W/we'll see.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

jamie, I'm curious... Does the sales girl at Priscilla's know the true nature of your relationship? For instance, was it clear to her that you are a femmed sissy cucky? That you just an errand gurl?

Now, about the guiche... I suppose because of what you are, it should be called a Christina piercing. Do you know if Mistress has a special purpose planned for the piercing? Perhaps weights or maybe stretching? I wonder if it is possible to somehow fasten things in such a fashion that you would have cunt lips... That would be cute!

About your play on Monday night... I have read the entry several times now and it still isn't clear to Me - did you cum from the dildoing you recieved or were you using your hand? Either way I am surprised that you lasted even as long as you did. Would you say you cum more quickly now then you ever did before? And why do you suppose that is? Does this mean that in the future, you will eventually get to where you can't hold your sissy cummies back at all? I kind of like that idea - a sissy gurl unable to hold her cummies back - a simple touch and she has an accident... it would make your clitty pretty much useless wouldn't it?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

i don't think she does Ma'am. W/we haven't been visiting the store very often so she didn't know me.

blush.. i don't know Ma'am. She has mentioned She likes ladders. i think She mostly likes the look and feel of the piercings especially when She plays with my clitty.

On Monday night Mistress told me to get my clitty hard with my hand. When getting hard i was feeling like cumming. i was so sensitive!. Oh yes Ma'am, it is so much more sensitive than before. i don't know Ma'am, i guess it would make my clitty pretty much useless.

sissy girl