Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday, July 21 2008

Yesterday i got up and had a blueberry muffin and coffee for breakfast. i took coffee up to Mistress. She said that W/we were going to get a new coffee maker since O/ours hasn't been working too well. i lay down for a nap and was awaken later by Mistress who said that She and leopet were going shopping and to rest. i woke up later and took my shower, shaved my legs and then plucked my eyebrows and got myself pretty.

i was out watering the gardens when Mistress and leopet came home from shopping. i took the new coffee pot and set it up but had trouble getting it to turn on from just plugging it in. i did make a pot of coffee.

Mistress told me She had some errands for me. She told me to go to Joanns to get some black vinyl since She was making a pad for the st andrews cross. She also wanted me to go to a hardware store to pick up mounting brackets for it. i took off my bra and was wearing a cream collared cami and my girls jeans and black strappy shoes and went to Joanns and got the material. i am ever consious of my new pink ribbon nail polish on all my toes and finger nails. Mistress and i both love the color. In the light they really gleam! i then went to a hardware store but it was closed. i then went to Kmart and had no luck finding the brackets. i stopped at QT for Mistress's ice tea and came home.

Mistress and leopet was in front of the tv on the futon. leopet was naked and i realized She was playing with his cock. i asked Her what She wanted me to wear. She told me to put on my cute pink nighty so i went up stairs and put it on along with my breasts. It must be wonderful to have real breasts. i love the feel and look of the bra with forms on me.

i came downstairs and got Mistress a glass of wine and asked for a beer. She said i could have one. W/we watched an episode of Stargate Atlantis and then some Penn and Teller. All the while Mistress continued playing with leopet's man cock. She didn't play with my clit until later. i thanked Her for playing with my clit. She asked why did i thank Her for it. Isn't it Her property to play with. i said yes Domina. She said that i had nothing to do with it. She plays with Her toys as She wishes. leopet went to bed. After the shows Mistress told me to make up Her bed. i went up and put everything away and made Her bed. i bent over to pick up some clothes and Mistress corrected me. She said that a good girl will not bend over but will bend her knees and pick up things. i thanked Her for Her correction. She came up and gave Her a kiss. i asked for a beer and She said one. Usually She has allowed me to have three a night but She said just the one. She said "Why should i have you ask for it if I don't control it?" i said thank You Mistress. i definitely feel Her control more and more. i feel weaker and have less control. i love it!

i went downstairs and got on the computer for a couple hours and then went to bed.

sissy girl

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