Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday coffee July 27

yummm this coffee tastes so good. i'm glad W/we got the new coffee pot. Although i liked that the old thermal one kept the coffee fresh and warm for awhile longer maybe. The glass carafes seem to help it taste better.

Friday i went to the store in the evening for food. Mistress wanted me to get ingredients for a chicken pot pie. i went with my bra and forms as well as my girls jeans and cami. i thought i was quite passable. When i was going through checkout the lady asked, "How are you doing sir?". Teeehee! You never know!

Yesterday i woke up at about 7:30am i think. i had coffee and a breakfast bar and later leopet made U/us all egg scramblers.

Domina went out in the yard and ran the weed wacker. i was in the kitchen cleaning the stove. i took out all the stove heating elements and the silver bowls under them and really scrubbed them, the stove and underneath the stove getting the stains and grease out.

Domina came in from the yard pretty hot from the humidity and working. She went upstairs to cool off. She called me up there and told me to print out the rules and bring a pen and highlighter. i did. She told me to kneel. She then told me to read off the rules one by one. i did. She then had a few things to add and told me to get rid of redundant ones. One of the biggest and most important rules She told me to add was that there would be no jealousy at all from me. That there would be no tolerance for it. This was pointed out especially since W/we are having more submissives and other people involved and all.

Another rule was that i was not to try to manipulate Her for reassurance. i.e. asking if i am Her girl, am i pretty, etc.

i love rules. i always have since becoming in this lifestyle. i guess it excites me how putting it on paper makes it all more real too. Domina likes them too but She doesn't want me to put rules down for a "titillation factor".

Domina told me to revise the rules and send a copy to Her. She then told me to go to the store. W/we made a shopping list together including; some baked potatoes, new breast forms, cherries, guacamole, eye liner, razor blades, shaving cream, conditioner, etc. Domina took Her shower and then i did. i shaved my legs and got myself pretty.

i left for Walmart and found all i was looking for there including the breast forms. They didn't have quite the ones i had before which was skin colored with a nipple but i got a clear pair with nipples. i went to the grocery store and got the food items as well as some Wine Coolers for Domina and some Long Island Ice Tea.

i came out of the store and was loading up the car. Some car over in the next lane pulled out of its space and a young boy leaned out the window and yelled "your disgusting!" At me. i just waved at him and proceeded over to the store's gas station and got some gas for Domina's car. i thought about the young boy, probably in his late teens and thought he must really be a close minded person.

i got home and put the groceries away. i put my new breast forms with the other forms i bought the other day in my bra. They work so well! You can see the nipples under a cami too. i put on my jean shorts and my strappy high heels. Domina woke up and i told Her about the shopping experience.

i grilled the chicken with teryaki sauce and baked some potatoes. Domina came down and got a wine cooler. She got in front of the tv and told me to get Her food. i got a chicken breast and cut it up for Her and made up a baked potato. She said the chicken was too dry. arggh! They were frozen to begin with and hoped that they would thaw out on the grill and all. i will watch that next time.

Domina went upstairs to get ready for a sub that was coming in for play. he was a bit late and She told me to call him. Just as i was getting ready to he called and said he was lost getting here. i gave him directions and he arrived in a few minutes. i took him up to the playroom where Domina was and closed the door.

After a couple hours Domina came out and told me to bring Her computer down. i did. The sub boy came down dressed and T/they talked. he then left. Domina and i then watched Swingtown.

Domina then went to bed.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

There is so much to discuss in your latest post jamie, but I want to write about one thing that I haven't discussed before. The young man from the parking lot was trying to be hurtful - clearly. Why? Is it because he feels threatened by a sissy gurl? Is it because he is so socially inept that he thinks he has some right to just shout out whatever he feels like? Is it because he holds some ridiculous idea about what femininity is supposed to mean - a girl with a model's body and the mindset to cater to all his needs?

It is likely to be all of those and more...

A sissy has to develop a thick skin. That is the price that is payed for being true to yourself. But don't let one punk shit-for-brains decide who and what you are for you. Stay content in your being jamie - you know what you are - your Mistress knows what you are and I know what you are.

Jamie is a sissy gurly cucky. That is what we expect from her and that is how we like her - femmed - cuckied and utterly sissy!

I think it would be fun to grab that little asshole and put him in frills and makeup and shove My biggest dildo up his ass... You know what? I'll bet his little weenie would be stiff for probably the first time in his life.

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D,

i sure don't know why he said what he said. i certainly didn't know him and hadn't seen him before that time but i agree with You, he definitely has issues himself.

Yes Ma'am, a sissy has to develop a thick skin. i have to be true to myself. Yes i know what i am :)

Yes Ma'am, i am a sissy gurly cucky. i love it so!

teehee! thats for sure!!

sissy girl

Sophie said...

Sissy Slave Jamie

I must confess this is my first visit to your blog. I have only quickly read the most recent entry and must concur with Miss D. Never let anyone get to you, but free dues to you being able to go out en-femme. I have not ventured yet (despite wanting to dearly), but living it a very small community it can be difficult.

Something else I found very interested was your need for reassurance. I also need this and ask Mistress for it all to often. I guess its important to know that Mistress enjoys and gets great pleasure from having a sissy girl.

Looking forward to reading more about yourself.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Sophie :)
Thank you for your comments! i think W/we are in a pretty big community although of course one can run into someone they know anyplace and anywhere!

i know. Its certainly not hard to feel inadequate or dissapproving, etc. Thats why i ask for reassurance. i need to have more confidence i guess.
Thank you!
sissy girl