Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer is here!

teeheee! i guess not officially since it starts June 20th but it sure feels like it here! Its 93 degrees in the shade here!

Domina and bear went out of town and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast north of us and had a pretty restful time. T/they were going to bike the trails but found after a drive that the trails were really horse trails and not too good for biking. T/they just returned about half an hour ago. Domina went straight out to Her garden out back.

i got a comp day at work Thursday so i've had a three day weekend! That evening when i got home i painted by fingernails with "Pink Lady" from Milani. i love it since it seems to glow outside. i've been wearing a bit darker pink on my toes. It feels so good to be all painted. Wednesday i went to work later in the day so i shaved my legs that morning. i think i am going to shave more often than once a week for the summer. i'd hate for anyone to see any hair or stubbles on my legs. i love them nice and smoooth!. 

Before going out shopping Thursday and Friday i showered and shampooed with "Clear" for lengths. Shaved my face. And used Caress body wash, the new pink one. i used Champaigne Stain lip stain, Maybelline eyeliner and mascara. i wore my ruby ear rings Thursday and my dangly pink ones yesterday. i pulled back my hair in a pony tail and went out shopping wearing my girl jeans and striped short sleeve shirt. It was very nice!

i do get so many eyes on me but, thats ok :)

i keep working on my website at Today i created a few more groups called; Bondage, Female Domination, and New to the Lifestyle. Existing ones are; Sissy Life, and Cuckold


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