Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday - Nice day

Today i got up and surfed awhile on the computer. After awhile i felt like using my deep massager on my breasts so i did while reading some cuckold stories on Literotica. While i was reading Domina came by and commenting on playing with myself. She had gone and saw the second part of Twilight and now was going out shopping a bit. i asked to go to one of the computer stores in Overland Park to get a usb network adapter for Her laptop since wifi wasn't working anymore. i had worked on Her laptop last night since it wouldn't even boot. i fixed that problem but the wifi wasn't working. She said, "Yes, and go ahead and keep playing with myself". i don't masturbate without Her permission and i haven't cum for over a year now. Mostly that has been because i haven't wanted to. For some reason it makes me feel more girly not to. bear arrived and Domina left to go shopping.
i finished reading the story and went up and took a shower. i trimmed my eyebrows since i plucked them yesterday to keep a more feminine look. i took my shower. i had shaved my underarms, bikini area legs and face yesterday and just needed to exfoliate to help keep those horrid bumps from showing up.
After showering i combed and brushed my hair in a pony tail and put my leather pony tail thingy, ( i wish i knew the name for it) in my hair. i applied pink lip stain, eye liner, and mascara and got dressed in my pink long sleeve top, feminine jeans, and girls sneakers. i took my dog and went down town. i found what i was looking for and came back in about a couple hours. we had tacos and refried beans and watched some Tosh.o. Later i did the dishes and got back on my computer after i installed Domina's new network adapter. It works well and Domina is happy. i'm watching some tv shows and have my suction cups on my breasts. i love the feeling! Domina and bear has gone to bed together. i will in awhile :)


Sometimes Spanked said...

You look lovely!
I do hope you choose to cum soon... it is so rejuventing! :)
I got some nipple play toys too.. can't wait!

sissy slave jamie said...

awwww thank you Sara!.. i bet it is! It has been a long time lol. Very nice :) i love playing with my nipples!


sindee said...

very nice. love the way you serve.
thanks for sharing
enjoy life

sissy slave jamie said...

thank you sindee! you too!