Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday, July 20 2008

Yesterday was different in a lot of ways. Like i wrote yesterday, Mistress met a potential sub at a local restraunt in the morning. T/they they came home and met leopet and myself. Mistress showed him the playroom and then Mistress, he and i sat out on the deck and talked about the lifestyle, scening and such. he isn't a sissy but into BDSM. Mistress and he are setting up dates in the future for him to come over for some play.

Mistress, leopet and i then went out shopping and had lunch. W/we ended up at Borders books where Mistress interviewed another male sub while leopet and i was browsing in the store. i enjoyed a double espresso.

W/we stopped at the grocery store on the way home for steaks and then headed home. my sissy friend kristy who i met several months ago at a hardware store was waiting. i introduced her to Mistress and leopet and W/we all went inside. i showed her the place and then put my bra on with the forms. Mistress told me to bring down my shoes and corset. i put on my new periwinkle strappy heels. They looked wonderful with my denim shorts. She then laced up my new corset. i love it! She said it gave me a more hourglass figure too. i then put on my other strappy heels with a higher 4 or 5" heel. They were actually more comfortable than the other ones. i had my wig on for awhile but Mistress said She preferred my natural hair.

i grilled the steaks and Mistress baked the potatoes and W/we had it all out on the deck. After eating W/we went inside and Mistress took leopet up to the playroom. sissy kristy and i went up to watch and help where needed. For the next 45 minutes Mistress played with leopet on the st andrews cross using a variety of floggers, paddles, etc. After that W/we left the room and went down to the living room where W/we all talked a bit then sissy kristy went home.

Mistress and i then watched Swingtown while leopet went to bed.

What a nice day it was!

sissy girl

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