Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Envy and jealousy

Yesterday in my blog i stated that one of Mistress's rules is that jealousy will not be tolerated. It is probably Her strongest rule. Mistress is a polyamorus individual and of course O/ours is a poly family since She has leopet as Her boy and i as Her girl. She has opened Her house also to playing with others as well so jealousy has no place here.

i was asked to research the difference between jealousy and envy i found in Wikopedia:

  • Envy is an emotion that "occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession and desires it." They also feel that it is not possible (or not easy) for them to have what they want. Otherwise they would simply go get what the other person had, and they would be satisfied.
  • The word jealous is often used to describe an envious state. In its correct usage, jealousy is the fear of losing something to another person (a loved one in the prototypical form), while envy is the pain or frustration caused by another person having something that one does not have oneself.

Being a sissy girl cuckold under Mistress's ownership and rules i find these emotions cropping up from time to time. Perhaps its why i sometimes ask Mistress for reassurance, something She told me She doesn't want me to do. Part of the turn on for a cuckold is a sense of jealousy in that it is a sort of mental masochism.

i think probably the beauty of all this though is that i as Her sissy cuckold girl is rendered powerless and must trust Mistress that She loves me and takes care of me.

i love Her so!

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

very good gurl jamie.. you hit it right on the button. When you are jealous, you are showing your fear of losing your Mistress. When you are envious, you are coveting the attention Mistress is giving to leopet's cock. But jamie doesn't have a cock. No.. she has a clitty - it's silly of jamie to be envious of a cock when all she has is a clitty with a hair trigger - isn't it?

Let's see... Yes, jamie's cum counter is at 15 days now.. My My.. jamie must be feeling just a bit antsy in her panties. Embrace the desperation you feel, the need is femming you sweety. Perhaps if you're pretty enough and a very good wife, Mistress will allow you a cummy soon - or maybe not.. But either way, you'll be more femmed - won't you?

Such a lovely sissy gurly cucky!

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D :)

Thank You Ma'am! Yes it is silly to be envious of a cock since i don't have one. i have a clitty and yes it has a hair trigger. It has no stamina at all, blush..

Yes Ma'am, it is so true. i do feel it a lot now. It is so good to be femmed and continually being femmed. Thank You Ma'am. i always try being pretty for Mistress and a very good wife for Her. It is so up to Her. Like She says it is i have nothing to do with it all. It is Her toy and Her possession.
Yes Ma'am, either way i'll be more femmed.
oh yes i am Ma'am!
sissy girl