Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday, 9 June 2008

Yesterday was mostly a run a round day. i got up and checked the computer. Mistress came in for Her break at about 8:00am asked for a bowl of cereal which i got for Her promptly.

After Her rest Mistress told me to take a box of books to 1/2 Price Books to turn in. She then returned to work. i took a short nap and then showered and shaved my legs. i put on my eyeliner and mascara, a blue camisole and lady's denim shorts. i further put on my Covergirl face powder and then my lipstick.

i went out and watered the gardens and the various other plants in the yard.

Mistress came home from work and went promptly to bed. She was really tired. leopet came home for lunch and i was getting ready to go out. i went upstairs to let Mistress know i was leaving and saw leopet in bed with Mistress. Mistress was naked but he wasn't. my clitty started to stir. i asked if T/they were going to have some fun. Mistress said i wasn't going to miss anything since leopet had to go to work and She had to sleep. i left with that vision in my head teeehee!

i called for my stepson and we left to do errands. The first stop was Target where i picked up some shampoo and conditioner for Mistress. Then we went down town to the 1/2 Price book store where my stepson got several comic books and i got a movie editing program. Our last stop was the grocery store where i picked up a couple coffee cups for Mistress. One was decorated with "Early Riser" painted on it.

We then came home. i put everything away and then grilled pork chops. W/we had those and sweet potatoes for dinner. W/we watched Coupling, Confessions of a Call Girl and then Swingtown.

Mistress then went to bed. i followed a couple hours later after computer time.

Some things i love:

  • Mistress of course
  • leopet
  • stepson
  • O/our dog
  • pink
  • lipstick
  • perfume
  • Shaving and being smooth
  • Being girly
  • my bra with breast forms (so wonderful looking down and seeing them as well as in the mirror).
  • face powder
  • my Lady's shoes
  • Knowing everything i am wearing is female, (except for my glasses, i think they are unisex)
  • my purse (how did i ever get by without one before?!)
  • Mistress correcting me when i start talking like a boy
  • Mistress telling me to put lipstick on
  • When coming home from work when i was working and Mistress telling me to get those boy things off and get my girl clothes on.
  • When i please Mistress
  • When Mistress plays with us
  • Hot Femdom, cuckold and sissy stories

Some things i dislike:

  • Times i have to pretend i am a man
  • Men's clothes on me
  • hair on my face and legs
  • Times i dissappoint Mistress

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

jamie - you are such a little sissy cucky... I like your lists sweety.

I think as time goes on, jamie will find it harder and harder to pretend to be male - which she is clearly not. jamie is already at the point where the pretense is quite laughable. All jamie needs is a few more encouragements and whatever shred of male remains will be gone for ever...

I think you know that - don't you jamie?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D,

blush, thank You Ma'am. i thought it would be nice to kind of make a list of things i thought of for the moment.

Yes Ma'am, i understand. Lately i haven't tried to pretend except for the interview about a week ago. Yes Ma'am, i enjoy being a girl better. Its hard to want to be like a man.

Yes Ma'am

sissy girl