Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shopping, July 22 2008

Yesterday was so hot! i think the heat index was over 102 or something. i did my usual morning routine and then tried to take a nap. Mistress had several tasks for me to do like hanging a couple corner shelves and a straight shelf in the play room. Also She wanted me to remove some melted wax on the wall and floor and spackle a hole in the wall. Another thing was to take the pots and pan rack from the ceiling. It was taking up too much space and W/we are going to try a peg board. i thought that i would take care of these things later in the day although i took the rack down.

A couple days ago Mistress told me to move some of my boy clothes to the storage room. i took a lot of my work clothes like suits and slacks and left some of my boy jeans and shirts. It sure made a lot more room in my closet. i also cleaned out the drawers of one of my dressers of stuff where i had a mixture of boy and girl clothes.

Later, Mistress came home from work. She wanted me to go get a new coffee pot since the new one Mistress and leopet got didn't work. i was almost out the door and Mistress asked me, "Where are your boobies?" What a surprise! i told Her that i was getting ready to go out. She then said that i am more passable with them on. i went and put them on and then left. i stopped first at QT. The first thing i noticed was the security guard saw me with a surprised look on his face. i just kept my girly self and got a drink at the fountain. i paid for it and left.

i then went to Linen and things where they were closing the store. i couldn't find a good deal on coffee makers. Next was Target where i was returning the coffee maker. i returned it and looked in the store for another. i left and went to Kohls where i found one on sale like Mistress liked but they didn't have one in a box. i ended up getting that one since it was a discontinued item at an even better discount.

i left and came home and had some lunch.

One thing i would not recommend is to try piercing your breast forms. At least with silicone ones like mine it wouldn't work! Mistress gave me a 40% coupon and told me to get a new pair at Joanns.

In the evening it was really slow. W/we all worked on various things in the playroom. Mistress said that She will be interviewing another sub this Wednesday and will be playing with different subs on Friday and Saturday. Wow!

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

jamie, jamie, jamie....

What possesed you to try and pierce your breaat forms? Aren't your nipples already pierced? Perhaps you wanted nipple jewelry to show through your gurly tops? Is that it? What a silly sissy...

I do have to agree with your Mistress about wearing your breasts when you go out to do your chores. After all, with nice little breasts and your femme attire, no one could possibly mistake you for a male - could they? Do you remember to sway your behind when you walk? Has a man tried to flirt with you yet?

I am curious - when Mistress plays with her subby males, does that help you feel more like a sissy cucky? What makes you feel more sissy - being a cucky or being femmed in public?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D :)
Mistress missed seeing my nipple rings. i thought it would work but not for these.

Yes Ma'am, Mistress is right as far as i can tell. i do get lots of looks. i try to remember to walk like a girl. i do feel so self consious about my breasts but i love them so!. No Ma'am, no man has tried to flirt with me yet but most people have been very nice to me. i went and got meds for me at the pharmacy window at Target where i regularly do and the same Woman helped me. She was very nice to me and didn't say anything.

i wouldn't say that i feel more like a sissy cucky when Mistress plays with other submales in a BDSM context. Is that the kind of play You mean? Its hard to say which makes me feel more like a sissy cucky. i think both being a cucky and femmed in public together makes me feel more a sissy