Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday! yaaay! August 1 2008

Wow! Already August!

Yesterday i was feeling tired all day. i did some housework in the morning. Domina came home for Her break and told me that one of the new subs was probably going to come over that afternoon. She left for work again and came back at 1:00pm.

i was up for awhile and then took a nap.i went up to Mistress at 3:30 and She said to take a nap with Her for 25 minutes. i set the alarm for 25 minutes and W/we dozed. The alarm went off. She told me to put on a pair of silky panties and a silky cami with my bra. i put them on while She took Her shower. She got a text message from the new sub that said, 'Excellent'. She was still getting ready when the doorbell rang. i went down and put on some lipstick and let the sub in. i showed him around the house feeling girly. i took him down to the living room. Mistress came down and talked with us for a bit and then took us up to the playroom and showed him all W/we have there. She then had him get naked and we all went back down to the living room.

Once W/we were all there She started inspecting him and then tied his hands behind his back. Then mine too. Then the two of us together. leopet came home and he quickly got naked and came down. Mistress tied him up too. She then started playing with his cock putting clothes pins all over his cock and balls and then started playing with the new subs too.

She put a pink one on mine, teehee!

She went over to get leopet hard which he did. Then the sub. Then me. Domina said i had 30 seconds to get hard but that didn't happen :(

After awhile She took the pins off and told the sub that today was mostly to show him the place and inspection. Next time there will be more. he is definitely interested.

The sub left. Mistress, leopet and i had Chinese and watched a couple episodes of Stargate Atlantis. She played with leopet thgough most of it then went to bed.

i cleaned up the dishes and the kitchen. i got on my computer and went to bed when connectivity went bad again. Fortunately this morning all is working great!

Domina said this weekend W/we are going to a meeting of O/our local BDSM group where W/we are meeting another Mistress who has so many similarities to Domina its uncanny.

And its Friday!


sissy girl


Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice that the new subbies get to see that Mistress has converted you into a gurl? That must be so satisfying for you - gurly little cucky...

So - did you go to the BDSM meeting - were you nicely femmed for it?

I noticed your counter has been reset - did jamie have a little accident?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!
oh yes Ma'am :) Mistress tells me to dress in pretty things and tells them that i am Her sissy cuckold girl.
Yes Ma'am, W/we went last night to the BDSM meeting and i wore a pretty purple lacey blouse, my jean skirt and my new blue strappy heels. It was so much fun!
Yes Ma'am, Mistress had sex with leopet yesterday morning then She called me up and had me play with Her breasts and then had me climb on top. She let me cum. She was so wonderful to let me!
sissy girl