Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crazy weekend :) Aug 31 2008

i left the blog at Taco Bell last Friday on that beautiful day. i came home and took Mistress's boy downtown at around 5:00pm and kicked around down at Liberty Memorial. We continued heading further south and went to the 1/2 Price Bookstore where we browsed the store. i bought him a few books as well as a Queenly anime type bookmark and a Calvin and Hobbs cartoon book. On the way home we stopped at Arby's for dinner. i called home and asked if Mistress wanted us to pick up dinner for T/them. She said that Her stomach wasn't feeling well but leopet would like a roast beef sandwich. T/they were picking up the place after play. We picked up a roast beef sandwich for leopet and came home.

We got home and immediately Mistress asked if i had picked up milk for Her cereal and coffee yet. i told Her i hadn't and i wasn't sure if anyone else had either. Mistress had made a new rule for me to check the milk and Her cereal each night to see if i needed to pick up any. i knew that morning She was out of the milk. i left and picked up milk and corn chips for Her guacamole and came home.

Mistress then told me about the play while we were gone. The sub that played with me the week prior came up and played with Her and leopet. Mistress performed some anal play with the sub and fucked leopet with Her strap on. She also received a full body massage from the sub. She was feeling really good there.

It was pointed out to me that Mistress's laptop could not close. Under closer inspection i found that the bracket on one side of the monitor had broken at the base. Things started getting tense since She does so much with Her laptop. She loves reading Her slash fiction as well as corresponding with friends as well as new potential subs as well as so many other things. i tried to find out what had happened and She felt so bad about it. i searched on HP's web site and found the part and it cost around $57.00. Certainly not a welcome expense right now.

i also found out that Her boy's desktop computer wasn't working. i suspected that the power supply was bad. i planned to put a spare in later.

On Saturday W/we all got in Domina's car and drove out to Independence, MO for the annual Santa-Cali-Gon festival. It is one of Domina's favorite festivals since there are many crafts for sale there and She likes getting ideas for crafts She does. W/we spent several hours there and had a pretty good time. Domina has a new potential sissy submissive that was going to join U/us out there but unfortunately she had a small accident on the way and had to change a tire. W/we thought she was going to join U/us once we got home but W/we did not hear back from her. i hope she is ok! W/we cooked some chicken fingers, buffallo wings and potatoes for dinner as well as tator tots/steak potatoes and watched the movie "Invasion" W/we thought it was an ok movie.

Today (Sunday) i worked on the boys computer. i put in the spare power supply and plugged it in. Immediately i smelled smoke and found a weakened circuit spot on the motherboard where it fried! Two computers down now!

Mistress wasn't feeling too well again. Her stomach has had a lot of acid indigestion. i gave Her some of my acid controllers and then took a shower, shaved my legs. i put on my eyeliner and mascara, face powder and lipstick. i put on my salmon short cami and girls shorts with my black strappy flats and headed to Overland Park where i purchased a new mother board for his computer.

Mistress had told me that i needed to do my hair again so i stopped at Target and looked at the hair color. While i was looking a Lady came up to me asking questions about hair color, if it worked, etc. i answered Her questions and She came up a couple more times. It felt so nice talking with a lady like girl to girl. i picked up a different hair system called 10 and then browsed the store. i had a quick snack at Sonic and then came home.

i put the mother board in but discovered that the power supply i have has the wrong power connector. i need to get an adapter.

W/we ate the rest of the wings and fingers from the night before and watched the BBS sci fi show "Primeval". Mistress and leopet then went to bed.

What a weekend!

sissy girl

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