Monday, August 11, 2008

Nice weekend :)

It was a really nice weekend although it rained some. Since W/we were without any kids around Mistress told me to be all girl. i had painted both of O/our toes a pretty red and the next day i painted my finger nails red too. i can wear nail polish and eyeliner all the time but i need to tone down my lipstick. i bought a Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon tone. i do enjoy wearing that line. They give me a kind of a buzzy mint effect on my lips :)

Mistress told me that another Mistress named Mistress PhoenixRed and Her male sub was coming over for dinner Saturday evening. Mistress and leopet went to the store and brought home a salmon for me to grill with some pine boards to grill it on as well as a couple pork chops for me. i had showered and shaved my legs and put on my eyeliner, mascara and face powder. i fashioned my hair more feminine. i put on my pink skirt and pink cami top combination. i asked Mistress about shoes and She said She preferred me without shoes that evening.

i put the salmon and pork chops on the grill and got it going. Mistress PhoenixRed and Her sub arrived and i welcomed T/them in. Her sub was definitely a masculine one and quite handsome. She is so similar to my Mistress in so many ways as W/we found out during dinner. Mistress PhoenixRed told me She had something for me and took a very cute fetishy outfit out of Her bag. It was a kind of reddish brown velour type that was really wonderful. i put it on and kept in on most of the evening. W/we all sat around the patio table on the deck and had a very nice dinner. Afterwards W/we went inside and the two Mistresses talked about poly life and Their respective takes on the lifestyles poly, Ds, BDSM etc.

After awhile MistressRed had Her sub get naked and Mistress had leopet get naked. They then began a forced bi scene which was pretty hot while Mistress and i lay on the futon watching. She played with my clitty a bit which always feels wonderful! After awhile Mistress joined in while i watched and there was much carressing and kissing going on. They exchanged subs for awhile and then changed back. Mistress and leopet then were having sex for awhile while She looked at me stating that Her girl likes watching. It was pretty wild watching and knowing that all present knows i'm a sissy cuckolded girl.

After a few hours of play. Mistress went upstairs for some more toys including the industrial strength saran wrap. T/they all then proceeded to wrap me from the top of my head to my ankles leaving a hole to breathe through. T/they laid me on the futon where i was immobile for about an hour. Finally O/our guests needed to leave and it was after 1:30am. T/they left and i followed Mistress up to the bedroom. W/we talked a little while and She went to sleep. i got on the computer for awhile and then went to sleep.

The next day Mistress and i talked about the play. i felt a bit dissapointed because i wasn't participating in the play until the end when i was saran wrapped. Mistress told me that most of the reason was that i am really good at pain anymore and that i did participate being Her serving slave girl and that i was saran wrapped. Of course too i was Her cuckold watching Her and leopet together. i understand now.

Sunday W/we left the house and went to a shopping area near U/us to meet a potential sub. At first W/we window shopped and looked for a jeweler to resize and clean Mistress's engagement ring. She opted for another place. W/we met with the sub and talked with him. W/we left and went to a mall where Mistress left Her ring for servicing. W/we then went and picked up boychild and came home.

It was a pretty full weekend really :)

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

Now that you mentioned it jamie, perhaps we should talk about your purpose. Of course, your Mistress will decide whatever purpose She wants of you and it seems to Me, She prefers you to be femmed and to watch. What else would a femmy little cucky do anyway? That you want to participate is good - that you are allowed to only watch is even better. Tell the truth jamie - doesn't watching get you so excited?

Did you think you would be used like a gurl slave by the male slave? IS that what you really wanted jamie? Your blog is, in part, about confessions. This is where you write about what you feel. The mechanics of a scene are only important in how they make you feel - what they do to you on the inside. If it femmes you - it is good. If it excites you - it is good. How lucky you are to be allowed to watch and get all excited and yet not be allowed relief... Isn't that what femmed cuckies live and die for? Isn't that what you beg and plead for - to be femmed and chaste?

jamie is exactly what she is supposed to be - frustrated and femmed and totally dependent on her Mistress. She is not male any more and never will be ever again. She is a gurl - a sissy cucky gurl.

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D,

Of course its Mistress's decision what my purpose(s) are. i do confess that i had some strong feelings here. There was a time between having a Mistress to serve that i was quite active with our local BDSM group as a committee member. i was often invited over to parties after our monthly meetings and found that the play was really couple's oriented and i ended up just watching. After time i found myself making excuses not to go and just going home. i was really discouraged that i just wasn't finding a Mistress to serve then Domina appeared and as things progressed W/we were married and found leopet and all. At this get together i wrote about i started feeling like i did before. There wasn't just sex going on but also some bdsm play and i felt like an outsider and it was hard.
Talking to Mistress later She thought that the play going on wasn't right for me but She wants me included in play.

i don't know if i would have been used by the male slave, teehee. Thoughts were swimming in my head but i felt out of place.
It is so good when things fem me, i love it. It was so good when Mistress said that i like to watch when having sex with leopet. It further established things i think. It was so hot.

Yes Ma'am, i love being a girl. Mistress does too.

sissy girl