Friday, August 15, 2008

Mistress is disappointed :(

Today went pretty well. we cleaned up the house in anticipation of guests this evening. we did laundry and vacuumed as well as cleaned the kitchen floor. Mistress came home from work with some new additions to Her play wardrobe and was trying them on before i left to take boychild to his grandmother's for the weekend.

After dropping him off i dropped by Target to pick up some laundry soap, softener, bleach, Woolite, hair conditioner and lipstick. While shopping there Mistress called and told me to get some Chinese food from the grocery deli so i hurried toward home and stopped at the grocery store and picked up ice cream and the Chinese food then came home.

As soon as i entered the door i sensed something was wrong. The guy Domina had been conversing with all week and even met for dinner the other night cancelled. he wrote Her an email telling Her that after thinking about it all that he couldn't do it. he said that he didn't have cold feet or anything. i guess he had previously said that he was married and that his wife weren't too sexual and all and that he always had fantasies of serving a Mistress and all but now had second thoughts.

Mistress is really feeling let down. She knows She has Her boy and Her girl here but this is a disappointment. W/we are still on for play tomorrow night at the bi-sex group but tonight was a downer. She did want me to wear my pink nighty and of course my tits. Also, She prefers sissy cock for that instead of clit(ty). So that's how i will refer to that thing :)

About the disappointment, Mistress didn't want to talk about it. i feel that maybe online personals just work that way maybe or maybe there is a better way of negotiating with people. i don't know. i just hate to see my Mistress so disappointed.

Looking forward to tomorrow :)

sissy girl

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