Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yesterday new interview

i had received another call from my staffing company about another interview for yesterday. i received this Monday. i talked with Domina and W/we thought i should get my hair cut shorter than before. i was so self conscious during the last interview. i went to the salon and explained to the lady stylist that both my Wife and i preferred that i keep it feminine but need to be able to gel it back sometimes like for interviews. She understood and styled it in a cute shorter cut. i got back home and Mistress was quite pleased. i like it too. When its down it does look feminine and pretty. Mistress told me too that no matter how i look or try to act that i am a girl through and through.

The interview took place on the other side of the city. Its quite a drive for me and of course the price of gas and distance is a concern. The interview went quite well since the manager thought i had all the qualifications. They have some other interviews and i should know in a few days.

Mistress went in for dental surgery and was there for several hours. After i got home i changed from my interview suit to all girl drab clothes and brushed my hair down. i picked up boychild and we went to the bank and had lunch at Sonic. i thought it would be a great idea to make home made chicken noodle soup for Mistress considering Her dental visit and Her boy loves learning how to cook so we went to the store to pick up fixins for it. we got home and made it. Mistress finally came home really hurting. She was so pleased that we made the soup. W/we all watched Stargate Atlantis and then She disappeared in leopet's room for quite awhile for a talk.

Mistress PhoenixRed from the other night had been conversing with Mistress and leopet about Her bisexual group in town. leopet was interested in it and so was Mistress. Now Mistress is planning for all of U/us to go to their meeting this weekend. i'm going full femme of course. Mistress is also planning on playing with a new sub that She met for dinner a couple nights ago. i had taken boychild to a "Meet the teacher" night at his school while She went to meet this new sub. i guess he is brand new and interested in lots of things in the scene. Mistress said that this weekend will be packed full!

sissy girl

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