Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 17, 2008 Bi-night

Yesterday i woke up and had my breakfast bar and coffee. leopet got up and left to get his car registered. Domina yelled down and asked for coffee. i took some up to Her. i asked Her if W/we were going to the thrift store since She mentioned the 98 cent sale earlier in the week. She said, "Thats right!". So i shaved my face and W/we left for the store. There was so much there and each for 98 cents apiece. i picked out a couple cute jean skirts and an especially cute pink cheerleaders pleated skirt, a few feminine silky pants and a black strapless bra. Domina picked up a few things for Herself as well as some slacks for leopet.

Domina and i then left and went to Perkins for breakfast. i called leopet to join U/us there. W/we had a nice breakfast.

Domina and i then visited a couple yard sales in O/our neighborhood and then returned home. The first thing i did was i put the new things W/we got from the thrift store in the laundry. i got on the computer for awhile and then W/we took a nap.

W/we all woke up at about 3:30pm and W/we were all rev'd up for the meeting with the bisexual group in the evening. i finished the laundry while Domina was coloring Hers and leopet's hair. i took a shower and then put my eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara on. Domina and i wasn't sure what i would wear so i thought maybe my polka dot cami would work with my new short jean skirt i bought at the thrift store:

Domina was pleased with it so that is what i wore. i put on my blue strappy heels as well.

Domina and leopet finished dressing. She gathered a toybag and gathered some toys from the playroom. i got the beverage cooler and grabbed a few beers and W/we left. W/we had about a 10 mile drive to get to the meeting place which was a gay bar in the suburbs. W/we were supposed to meet the other Mistress there but She and Her mate wasn't there. They came later. W/we played some pull and waited for the others to arrive. After awhile they started trickling in while W/we were watching the Chinese Olympic female marathon event and Phelps in the swimming event that earned the 8th gold medal.

There at the bar W/we learned that it was more or less a social time and later some would go to a local hotel for play. The group seemed to have been together for awhile but W/we didn't find them too receptive to new people. Mostly W/we sat there and chatted with the Mistress. Both leopet and i was pretty hungry. i kind of joked to Mistress that a new item for my purse might be some Slim Jims. She then told the Mistress that W/we were going to get something to eat. W/we left the bar and leopet said he wasn't feeling very well. he just doesn't like loud music and kareoke. None of U/us are really into bars/bar hopping. W/we ended up stopping at a Burger King and came home. Everyone was tired and Mistress and leopet went to bed. i followed a couple hours later.

All in all the evening was a disappointment. Mistress especially had been looking forward to some hot play. She had said earlier that i might be cucked a couple times and i would probably be sucking somebody and all. leopet was looking forward to it all as well. It just didn't happen.

The last couple days have been disappointments to Mistress. i did tell Her that one thing She can count on is the one's She owns (leopet and me). To me the lifestyle has many facets and i think being social with other people/groups outside the family can be fun and rewarding. Sometimes they say its what you make of it. i guess there is good nights and sometimes not so good.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

geez, 98 cents for each of those items?! Awesome.

Anonymous said...


Your experience is so common among these kind of groups. People have a tendency to hold back until they are comfortable - sometimes that takes quite a while. It's just the way it is...

But you did look so cute in your cami and mini! What a pretty little cucky gurl you are becomming...

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

It was a wonderful sale :)

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!,

Yes Ma'am. W/we found that the people in this group really wasn't familiar with the BDSM side of things and as Mistress said She had the impression that it was 'yucky'. Both Mistress and leopet felt a bit let down but i said that it was a learning experience and probably best to think of the positive things W/we took from it.

aww thank You Ma'am :) It seemed to go together well and Mistress really liked the ensemble teehee.
i appreciate it Ma'am :) i love being my Mistress's sissy slave cucky girl.

sissy girl