Friday, August 29, 2008

Beautiful Day!

Here I am having lunch at Taco Bell. Domina told me to wear my light yellow cami `cause you can see my nipple rings throught it teehee!
It is such a beautiful day here in KC. Domina was off from work and worked in the garden.
Later one of Her subs, leopet and Her are going to play. i'll be out and about with Her boy.
It just feels so nice right now!
sissy girl
have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

I'll bet you looked so cute in your cami and nipple rings on display! The only way I think you could improve it is if you had very large nipples as well. Imagine.. tight little top.. large hard nipples and rings... Very sexy!

If you want to get larger nipples - google on 'nipplettes' - they actually do work.

I'm so glad you are accepting your femming so nicely... You make a wonderful gurl - the less male you have left in you - the better. Besides, it also makes you a better cucky. A femmed gurly cucky!

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

awww blush! It was fun going out like that. i think the light yellow cami is pretty and it does show my nipples with the rings and Mistress's Phoenix tat through it. ooooh i can imagine. i looked it up and see that it is a kind of nipple clamp/vibrator. i bet it feels so nice
Thank You Ma'am. i can't imagine trying to think of myself as a boy again. Mistress couldn't see it either. i love being Her girl
Thank You Ma'am :) i so much love being a girl. Yes Ma'am, it does seem to make me a better cucky too. It seems like it goes hand in hand.
Thank You again!

sissy girl