Friday, August 22, 2008

Playtime in my pink corset!

Yesterday i cleaned up the house some. i vacuumed all over and straightened up. Mistress came home from work and W/we both took naps. Her boy came home from school and leopet came home around 5:00pm. leopet took Her boy out to go shopping and dinner.

Mistress and i both got prepared. i had already taken a shower and shaved my legs. i tried using an exfoliant on my legs and wow, they sure are smooth now! Mistress had thought of me wearing my new purple corset but changed Her mind and thought the pink corset would look better on me. i put on my new strapless bra with the breast forms and then put the corset on. yummy, it feels so good! i then put on my new black stockings and then my strappy hi heels. What fun!

Mistress had received several text messages from one of Her new subs during the day and now he was at the door. W/we let him in and hugged. W/we all went upstairs to the playroom. Mistress told him to get naked. he did. She made comments about me, Her girl and how I'm kept shaved from head to toe. Mistress talked about things like playing with subs that have significant others as well as committing to play and showing up. This sub had missed a previous play time and She bent him over the massage table for a spanking. She told me to spank his butt a bit too. It felt kind of weird for me to do that but of course i did. Mistress said i spanked like a girl.

Soon She had me drag out the dog bed She had made a couple years ago and had me lay down on my back. i looked up and She was kissing the sub on the lips. my sissy cock started getting hard. Mistress looked down and asked, "My girl likes watching, don't you? i said, "Yes Domina". The sub had previously told Her that he would like trying enforced bi so She had him get down between my legs and caress me. It felt so good. She sat down on Her throne and started directing things. Soon She had him play with my sissy cock. yummmy! it felt so good. He soon started sucking. Mistress came down and started caressing me too. It was so wonderful! Soon he was licking and sucking on Her breasts while She was stroking my sissy cock. i begged for release. She said yes and my goodness i came so intensely! It had been like 19 days since before.

Now the sub was laying on the floor. Mistress had me hold his hands down behind his head. Soon he came.

i was really spent. This session was about release i guess. Each playtime is different. It can be about bondage or worship or sensation play etc.

W/we really had a great time!

sissy girl

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Anonymous said...

jamie is such a gurly thing... I wonder though, how could she manage to control her cumming while Mistress was caressing her? Especially after watching from the doggie bed... jamie does love to watch and it's good for her - she is such a gurly cucky...

Miss D