Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday 21 August 2008

Yesterday was a nice day. W/we watch a lot of shows off Domina's laptop. Its been kind of cumbersome with all of U/us laying on the futon with Her laptop on Her lap watching it. i found an S Video cable and an audio cable and hooked them up to the wide screen and the amplifier then to Her laptop. It worked beautifully! i told Her about it when She got home from work. She was very pleased :)

Later in the morning i took my shower and got pretty. i had plucked my eye browse the day before so i didn't think i needed to this day. i've been saving eye brow plucking and leg shaving for every other day. i put on my eyeliner, face powder and lipstick. i asked Domina if i should wear a pair of girls shorts that almost look like a skirt. She said it looked girly and yes. Domina also said i should wear my breasts. i put on my light yellow cami and my black strappy flats.

i took O/our westie and we went to the bank for a deposit. The ladies are always so nice there and put a dog biscuit in the transfer tube for Titus.

we went to Super Walmart where i needed to pick up a new bottle of St Ive's Oatmeal Shea Butter body wash. That aisle was so crowded that i parked the cart at the end of that aisle and went in and grabbed the bottle. When i got back to my cart an elderly lady went past me nudging me and told me that i shouldn't leave my purse in the cart. Someone could swing by and take it. i thanked her for the advice and browsed the store awhile.

i stopped by the Wendy's drive thru for lunch and then came home and ate lunch.

i took a nap and then went up to Domina's bedroom. She was awake. She told me that it was pizza night and to call leopet to pick up a couple pizzas. i called him. he arrived home with Domina's favorite pizza, a Feta cheese one and a pepperoni pizza for the rest of us.

W/we watched 'Mad Men' on cable and then W/we watched an episode of Stargate Atlantis from Domina's laptop hooked up to the home theatre. It went wonderfully!

After the show Domina told Her boy to go and work in his room and told me to go play on my computer or do something. i went to do the dishes. i heard Her and leopet talking and soon disappeared under the covers. i'm sure T/they were making out. Like always, my sissy cock started twitching and getting hard. T/they were under there for quite awhile. i could barely hear what T/they were saying. It was exciting!

Mistress then went to Her bedroom and leopet to his. i went to my computer and surfed a few hours and went to bed.

sissy girl

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