Friday, August 8, 2008

Its Friday!

Its been a slow week really. The big thing is that Mistress's boy is back from his Dad's.After several talks with Mistress i understood that i couldn't be so girly with him at home and i felt really dissappointed and down since i've been able to fully dress, wear makeup, etc through the summer. But he does live here and yes i love him so. There is compromise in most everything we do so i've had to take it down a few notches.

i found out though that Mistress does see me as Her girl. She hasn't just been playing along with that. She told me that i couldn't be a man if i tried. i am Her sissy slave cucky girl.

One day this week i took him out to his grandmother's for the day. Mistress told me to take my bra with me and change after i dropped him off. So i did. It felt so good putting it and my makeup on. i shave my legs most every day. i wear 'drab girl's clothes with girl's jeans and tank top. my hair is longer and i can style in feminine. i just can't wear overtly feminine clothing. That day i came home and showered and shaved and put on my makeup and styled my hair and ran errands. It was wonderful going out and about all girly and all!

Today his sister is picking him up for the weekend. Later today one of Mistress's new subs i'll refer to as r will be coming over for play for a couple hours. Mistress told me She expects me to have my bra on after Her boy leaves and to get all prettied up.

The other evening Mistress had me paint Her toe nails red. She told me to paint mine the same color. i love the color! So feminine and pretty. i wonder if i should paint my fingernails the same. i'll ask Her later this morning.

i'm so glad i feel girly again!

sissy girl


Sophie said...


I understand how you feel, but it is important to have a balance. So what if you can't (outwardly) dress completely 24-7, there is always other things that you can wear. It reminds me of comment that I put on sissy Dolly Annes blog a few days ago. All the things I mention are simple but very, very effective at reminding you that yes you are a Sissy.

I was delighted to read that your Mistress has told you in no uncertain terms that you are her girl. It is important (and I know you mentioned reassurance in a previous post), for a Mistress to reassure us girls every some often that yes we are accepted as we are. Often Mistress's will tell us to dress, or bend us over like the sissies we are, but sometimes it is nice to hear (much like "I Love You") a comment that confirms they enjoy having and keeping a sissy. Anyways that's enough rambling for now. Sorry if I bored you (Or other with it).

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you sophie. i know now, it just seemed like it was all out of kilter with it all but now i know Mistress enjoys having me as Her girl and wants me wearing what i can. i will check out Dolly's blog too :). So cool:)

i agree, reassurances are important. i love to know that She accepts me for who i am. It is so nice hearing it.

No no no, thank you so much for your comments!

sissy girl