Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday, August 20 2008

i started another blog on blogger called 'sissy things' that will be about different aspects of being a sissy slave cuckold girl. i plan on writing different articles as they come to me. The blog is at:

Mistress just left for work. Just before She left i put on my breasts. She has stated several times lately that She prefers me girly. i do too :) Once in awhile when i'm feeling frustrated about order in the house such as tools being left out, dishes not brought to the kitchen etc i've slipped into james mode and is taken as whining and not so submissive. For some reason it has happened in the evening as Mistress is getting ready for bed and has resulted in an unpleasant argument. Mistress has made a rule now that if this happens again She will lock me out of Her bedroom for the night. Mistress has let me know that that is not wanted. She so prefers me as jamie. As jamie i am girly and submissive and docile. i do need to concentrate on being her more and more. james is just not wanted here.

Last night W/we all watched 'Mad Men' while eating dinner and received a call from a potential sub from out of town. After the show Mistress went up to Her bedroom and called him and had a nice talk with him. he comes to O/our area every so often and it looks like he will visit some time in the near future. he is curious bi.

After the call Mistress came down and told me about the sub and the conversation. Afterwards She went up to leopet's room and closed the door. T/they were in there for awhile and afterwards She came out not wearing any bottoms. i asked if T/they were playing and She said yes. It looks like T/they had some fun :)

i guess tomorrow one of the subs that has been here for a meet and greet will come by for play. Mistress is planning it all and told me that i will probably be wearing a new purple corset W/we picked up the other day as well as black stockings. It sounds like fun! he is interested in bi play and Mistress said She will probably have him suck my sissy cock. mmmm :) Who knows what else will happen :)

The other day i went to Quick Trip all girly and went i entered the strap to my purse broke. It was a bit embarrassing but i picked it up and bought a fountain drink. Mistress sewed the strap back on that evening. i don't know what i would do without a purse now. It is so convenient having everything together in one place. Its wonderful not having things jutting in my pockets. Some of the shorts/skirts i've been wearing don't have pockets anyway.

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