Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saw an old friend, 26 Aug 2008

Yesterday a friend of mine of many years and i got together for lunch and browsing Barnes and Nobles. i had to go deep into boy mode since my friend is quite conservative, and not open minded to alternative lifestyles at all. i've known him since i was 16. Back then of course we were in high school and very into motorcycles. We hung around together as best buds and worked at the same restraunt. Later we took motorcycle trips together camping all over the west part of the country. He started college and i followed him a year later and became his dorm mate there. He became born again and i did as well soon after. We soon parted ways from there but got together every Christmas time and when i was in town.

As the years passed i have been exploring the Computer age, and sexuality. my friend; deeper into his religion that has become fundamentalism.

When we get together we remind each other of the fun things we did. He even played some cds of songs we used to listen to.

Nothing was said yesterday of his religion nor my choice of lifestyles.

i really love him but it felt so good to get home and girly for my Mistress. She prefers me that way.

Today i cleaned the fridge and my office. i took my shower but didn't shave my legs. i put on a cami, girls shorts, strappy flats. i have my eyeliner on and my dangly red ear rings. i wore my Cover Girl face powder and red lipstick. Soooo many of the red bumps. i plan to tomorrow. i got some Satin silk shave cream. i just got back from the store with dinner and a salad for lunch.

Domina has been exchanging mail with lots of new people. One sissygirl She says is so sweet. W/we all are prolly going to meet this Saturday.

mmmm i love being a girl! i feel more myself as a girly girl.

sissy girl

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