Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September is here!

Wow!, where has the summer gone? Today its in the low 60's. In fact its 59 degrees F here right now. No girl shorts today teeehee! Its raining too.

i do love the Fall. The weather, the turning of the leaves, the festivals, etc.

leopet found some firewood the other day and brought some home. he was so wonderful last winter about finding firewood and getting the fire going. Domina told me its a men's thing to do then and told me that i shouldn't do it, let leopet do it.

The search for others to play with has been sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Domina has found that some people just seem to be wankers and pay lip service over the net but when its time to get together something comes up. A couple other boys look pretty good. One bi-male sub has come over a couple times for play and it looks like he will be here this Saturday. Domina said that leopet and i will probably play with him. Mistress is now looking for a bi-sexual female to play with and is always looking for a bi-sexual sissy for me to play with, be friends with, help cleaning, etc. W/we'll see.

i'm looking for ideas to write about in my 'sissy things' blog. i've thought about different things like lipstick, the sissy gender, etc. i'm not sure.

Mistress told me this morning during Her break that W/we might go to the thrift store tonight. It sounds like such fun! i hope to get some more girl clothes!

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

It shouldn't surprise you that most subbies are wankers jamie. Especially sissy subbies - they do love to touch themselves. I'll bet you love to touch yourself too jamie - except Mistress keeps her eye on you - no wanking unless She orders it for you sweety.

Anyway.. I do hope you find some nice cocks to play with - they would be so good for you... Isn't that what jamie is hoping for?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Yes Miss D,
i know when i used to think i was a boy i did a lot. Since i've known Mistress that sure stopped. Yes Ma'am.
teehee yes Ma'am :) W/we'll see!


sissy girl