Monday, September 29, 2008

Nice weekend :) Sept 29, 2008

It was a very nice weekend. It was kidless so it was all adult and of course Domina expected me to be all girl.

Friday and Saturday i wore camis and my jean skirt and my bra with forms. i went out shopping and it was so nice going out and about. i've been wearing face powder, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick everyday and it wasn't an exception over the weekend.

Saturday, j came over to spend the night. he brought a couple bottles of wine, a pork roast and m&ms for dessert. When i got home from shopping i showed Domina what i had bought. Mostly it was household things but i also got a cute little karate kid costume for O/our Westie and an Apertini mix in a glass mad scientist beaker for Halloween lol. During the evening Mistress and j lay on the futon in front of the tv while i lay on Her left and leopet was on the floor playing with his laptop. Mistress played with j's cock and my sissy cock while W/we all watched the movie, "Shortbus" on the tv. It brought back memories from a year ago when Mistress, leopet and i went downtown to an art theatre and saw the film. It was the first time i went out fully dressed as a girl.

j grilled the pork roast and i zapped up some rice and W/we all had a nice dinner. Later Mistress, j and i went out on the deck and chatted about the lifestyle.

leopet went to bed and Domina started playing with us. She tied me up with rope around my ankles and arms and played with my sissy cock. She then had j come over and had him suck me. She kept remarking how i am not a real man so i don't have a cock but a large clitty. he sucked me with enthusiasm. Soon She untied me and had me suck his manly cock. It was so nice having it in my mouth. She told me to suck him like the girl i am. Soon She had me get on my back and kept playing with me until i had to beg to cum. She told me i had to do it quietly since i am usually quite loud. i did as She told me to. It was quite intense!

Next She was playing with j and started kissing him and got on top of him and told him She was going to ride him like a pony. Soon he was begging and came quite violently. She was going to have me clean it up but didn't. It was sooo wild!

It was getting quite late so Mistress and j went up to bed. j lay on the floor and Mistress went to Her bed. i soon needed to get something out of the bedroom and found T/them cuddling on the floor together. She said T/they had been talking about me teeehee.

i left and played on the computer awhile and went to bed. Early in the morning j woke up to get some tea at Mickey Ds and Mistress went too. i slept and when i woke i found Mistress asleep on the futon down stairs. j was reading the paper and listening to his Ipod. he soon left to go home.

Later i went out shopping and picked the boy up. It was a really nice weekend!

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