Sunday, September 14, 2008

Playtime :)

Yesterday was quite a day. It was quite rainy but fun. Mistress and leopet had gone shopping earlier and came back with some stuff including a new slimline cyberskin cock and a bumper sticker for me that says, "Yes, my tits are real. so is my penis" lol

Mistress told me i could wear my tits and skirt since the boy was at his sisters. i showered, exfoliated my legs and face and shaved all over. How i love being smooth and feminine! i put on my face powder, pink lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. i put on a nice burgandy blouse, denim skirt and my black strappy flats. Later when W/we went to the restraunt i wore my blue strappy heels.

Mistress told me to go out and look for Her a birthday gift as well as to return a refrigerator can holder that didn't work for U/us. i'll let my Twitter entries tell my story out:

sissyslavejamie Fun this weekend. A new boy toy spending the night with Mistress and us tehee Sat, Sep 13 09:25:07 from OutTwit

sissyslavejamie Still raining here! i think its been raining for 4 days. Tornadoes around last night!
Sat, Sep 13 09:29:55 from web

sissyslavejamie out & about in burg blouse. denim skirt blk strappy flats
Sat, Sep 13 14:40:57 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie looking for "Baby Mama" lol!
Sat, Sep 13 14:41:27 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie now look for birthday prez for Mistress
Sat, Sep 13 14:42:24 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie i'm sure Mistress & leopet back home playing teehee!
Sat, Sep 13 14:43:34 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie got ear riings at Kohls
Sat, Sep 13 15:19:29 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie at walmat. had to return somet ing
Sat, Sep 13 15:55:48 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie left walmart
Sat, Sep 13 16:17:39 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie btw when i was at Kohls i asked for help. Lady asked what kanji on my arm meant. i said slave. She said cool
Sat, Sep 13 16:19:40 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie back home
Sat, Sep 13 16:48:19 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie leaving to pick up boytoy
Sat, Sep 13 17:50:51 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie another sub is joining us tonight too
Sat, Sep 13 17:51:28 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie im gonna be tied up shibari
Sat, Sep 13 17:56:10 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie on the way to the restraunt
Sat, Sep 13 18:35:17 from mobile web

sissyslavejamie yummy chinese!
Sat, Sep 13 19:37:14 from mobile web

W/we left the restraunt quite filled and noticed a beautiful double rainbow in the eastern side of the city. W/we got in Domina's car and drove home. She told me to put on my corset so i went upstairs and changed into my corset and a pair of pink and black lacy panties and my highest black strappy heels and came downstairs.

While i was upstairs, another bi-male sub arrived and T/they were all talking: Mistress, leopet, boytoy and the new sub. i got some really nice comments about my outfit. i lay down at the end of the futon while Mistress was talking about Her rules and conditions as well as different aspects of the lifestyle. She told them how i am Her girl and leopet is Her boy and about our roles.

A little later W/we started playing. boytoy wanted to show Domina his expertise in the art of shibari so She told me to take off my heels. he then tied me up in a nice rope dress and then showed some various restraints. It was great!

In the mean time Mistress was playing with the new sub. She told him to take off all his clothes since males aren't allowed clothing in Her presence in Her house. She also told boytoy too and leopet.

Mistress tied a whirlybird around the sub's man cock and then jerked him off. he moaned loudly and begged permission to cum. She said yes and he came quite loudly. She told him to clean it up and he promptly cleaned it up with his tongue.

While the sub was recovering, boytoy was talking about his ability to crack his cock. She told him to do it. he said that he had to be hard to do it. She said She wasn't going to do that but turned to me and said, "girl, go do it. you know what to do. i crawled over and licked his man cock and Mistress said no do it. i took him in my mouth and sucked him a few minutes and used my hands. he said he was ready then and i leaned away. he then cracked it. arggh! It shocked us all. It was similar to cracking one's knuckles teeehee. he said it didn't hurt.

Mistress then dismissed the new sub. he put on his clothes and left. i asked Mistress if She wanted to watch a movie. She said yes and W/we tried to think of a movie to watch. i brought out "Body of Evidence". A kinky movie Madonna and Willem Dafoe starred in from the 80's i think. She yes ok.

leopet went to bed

Mistress told me to take my panties off and boytoy lay on Her right and i on Her left. She played with his cock and my sissy cock throughout the movie. W/we all enjoyed it.

It was around 1am when Mistress went to bed. boytoy was going to stay the night but i guess he called home and needed to leave. i then put on my skirt and a cami plus my rain jacket since it was raining hard. we left and i took him home.

After i returned i worked on the computer for awhile then went to sleep.

What a day!

sissy girl


Miss Honey said...

I really love the rope work... just beautiful on you.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss Honey :)

Thank You. i thought he did a great job. It was fun wearing it too.


sissy girl