Friday, September 5, 2008

Foggy Friday! 5 Sep 2008

When i woke up this morning i looked outside and saw quite a dense fog outside. i guess with the drop in temperature (54 degrees) and all the rain it will do that lol!

We'eve had pretty good luck with scouting for new subs. Mistress met with one yesterday at McDonalds who enjoys spanking by Mother type Dommes. Domina liked him and said that he will come down from out of town about once a month or so for play.

Today Mistress's girlfriend is coming over early in the afternoon for play. i don't know if i will be there or not. Certainly i will be dressed all girly as i usually am anyway with my breasts on teehee!

Yesterday Mistress and i went to the thrift store. i was looking for some warmer clothes. i found a nice blouse, a Female denim shirt, and a Female jacket. Mistress found me a short shorts to wear around the house.

Later in the afternoon Mistress will play with a new sub male. She wants leopet to be in the house. i will be taking Her boy to his grandma's for the weekend.

Tomorrow Mistress, leopet and i will play with the sub male who W/we have played with before. That should be fun!

Yesterday Domina told me that She might look for a male top so She can have ravishing sex with a masculine man. That surely got my cuckolding thoughts brewing.

Its Friday. Mistress is certainly looking forward to play!

sissy girl

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Anonymous said...

Well, I Do think your Mistress and you will both benefit greatly if She is able to find a big hard masculine male for Her pleasure.

I think a real man in the house, will reinforce exactly how gurly you are. And Mistress will enjoy it very much I think. Of course, it might mean you are chaste for even longer periods... But that, too, is very good for you - certainly helps to keep you femmed.

You didn't make one thing clear jamie.. Does Mistress's girlfriend know what a gurl you are or is this a first meeting?

I wonder - which makes you feel more femmed - being exposed as a sissy hubby to a real male or a female? Either is good for you - of course...

Miss D