Friday, September 12, 2008

Rainy Saturday Night!

Its been raining most of the day and it still is. Earlier Mistress and leopet were going to take the boy out to his sister's for the weekend but the tornado sirens blew. i was going to go shopping myself but Mistress called me and told me to go inside since there were possibilities for tornados all over so i did. i did go out later and got some Mexican food for all of U/us.

Yesterday Mistress and i met a T-Girl at Borders and had quite a nice chat. She is a lovely girl and soooo passable. She has had quite a life and Mistress finders her so interesting. She and her mentor are coming over tomorrow to see the place and who knows what else. i was wearing my tits and a nice purple cami with sparkles in the front. Over it i was wearing my new denim shirt with Autumn leaves sewn in it. i was wearing my hip jeans and black strappy flats. i felt quite girly. i have been wearing pink lipstick now since Mistress prefers it for me.

Mistress has been chatting and emailing with several subs all around. Its pretty wild to me to think of Her Dominating and playing with other people. She is having a great time at it.

W/we'll see what the weekend brings. Mistress is taking the boy out to his sister's in the morning for the weekend.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that Mistress found a use for you - sucking a cock hard... you can't fool us though, jamie, I know you loved having that cock in your mouth... I'll bet you wanted to finish the job - didn't you? Did Mistress have to pull you off the cock before you went too far and made him cum? It must have been very hard for a sissy cucky like you to stop sucking when there's a nice hard cock bobbing up and down right in front of you....

it does seem that jamie is a femmed cocksucker... I'll bet you looked sooooo cute sucking and pumping...

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

Yes Ma'am. It is true, it was so good being a girl sucking a manly cock. Yes Ma'am, i did. teeehee he did actually because he wanted to show Her what he was talking about. blush yes Ma'am.

awww Thank You Ma'am.

i just talked to Domina about an hour ago. She was leaving work. She said i needed practice cock sucking. She mentioned either dildos or leopet. W/we'll see.

Thank You Ma'am :)


sissy girl

Anonymous said...

You are becoming a beautiful feminine lady, and learning how to please handsome masculine men. Eventually you will be made into a woman.

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you anonymous. i so love being a girl!

sissy girl