Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday :)

For the past few days i haven't been feeling too well. W/we had chef salad the other night for dinner and that night i started feeling a stomach thing. i woke up the next day feeling bad and it carried through a couple days. Domina doesn't think it was the salad. W/we'll i'm feeling better today.

i have a couple job interviews today. One where Domina used to work. She thinks its a pretty much done deal.

Its Friday! Domina hopes to see Her two boys and girl playing this weekend with Her :) teeehee!

W/we might go to a haunted house this weekend too. booo!


sissy girl


Miss Unconventional, The Wicked Bitch said...

Oh it is our newscaster from the sissy space. hehe!

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss Unconventional!

Thank You so much for checking my blog out!


sissy girl