Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday September 27 2008

Its been quite a week! i had a couple lost days due to some kind of stomach/head thing. Yesterday i went to a couple job interviews. One looks pretty likely. W/we'll see.

Yesterday Domina and leopet took Her boy to his grandma's so this is an all adult weekend and of course i'm all girl. Domina said this morning that She expects me to be all girl not that i am all the time anyway but weekends like this i am to dress, act, etc like the girl i am :)

Lately Domina has been emailing and talking with j, Her new very adventurous and manly sub. he is supposed to stay the night with U/us tonight. Domina thinks he compliments Her group quite nicely. Now it seems its leopet, j and me Her girl :) i changed out the grill thingys because they are all rusted and put some nice porcelein ones on there. j is going to grill pork loin there tonight.

Domina had been conversing with a sissygirl who wanted to meet U/us. W/we had earlier arranged to meet at Santa Caligon but she had had a wreck on the way. she then disappeared. she reappeared asking forgiveness and really wanted to meet. As it turned out she didn't materialize. Domina was quite frustrated by this and now blocks this individual. my advice is please be real!.

A little earlier Domina left with leopet to get some onion bulbs. T/they plan on working in the garden today. She told me to clean up around here. She went to take a shower and then came out and had me pull up my nightie then spanked me some for forgetting to put clean towels on Her towel rack. owie! After T/they left i vaccumed and straightened the place up. Soon im going to take a shower myself and get all girly. i'm not sure what i am going to wear yet. hmmm....

It should be an exciting weekend. Being Domina's girl and watching Her with a couple real men. It is always so exciting to me. Domina mentioned chaining someone to Her bedpost on the floor while having fun with the other in bed. i asked who. She then said maybe it will be me on the floor. teehee. W/we'll see.

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

what a good gurl jamie is... all femmed for the weekend. I think it would be lovely for you to be chained on the floor - listening.. being cuckied so nicely... Perhaps a nice dildo locked into you as well... how femming...

Miss D

Miss Unconventional, The Wicked Bitch said...

Domina is so lucky!

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

Thank You Ma'am :) It is wonderful to be able to be all femmed up as the girl i am. As it turned out the fun came earlier than when W/we all turned in but there were elements :)
teeehee yes Ma'am :)

sissy girl

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss Unconventional!

Thank You Ma'am :) i feel so lucky being Her sissy girl!


sissy girl